modified Folder, 1.6.1, folder, internationalized, french version v0.1.5

Release Notes

2 bug corrections : plugin settings  and action token bug in 1.6.1

  • Still have the problem with Unspecified showing files already in folders.

  • Well scratch that, I somehow was still uploading 1.2

    Now that I have 1.5...

    Haven't figured it out yet, but the english language file is screwing up the sytem. If I remove the language file, system works again.

    Even without the language file I'm not seeing the folders features anymore in files even after I set it to file in the settings.

  • Found the language file problem, there is an artifact in the en.php file just before the <?php statement

  • Ok found the other problem.

    I wasn't seeing the folder options in Files at all. I could go to my personal folder page and see the old folders I had (they are empty though, another problem), but on the main Files page there is nothing for folders.

    In start.php, $subtypes was empty in folder_setup. It is set in another function but not passed.

    Solution is to copy the line setting $subtypes in folder_init into folder_setup as well.


  • Thanks for the bugs ; i can't see the language file one, but $subtypes were definitely missing in pagesetup function....

    You may modify the start.php to display the folder link in selected contexts - i had disabled the file context because i wanted to display links into groups only (+personal links).   I have not much tested the context-sensitive menu registration indeed.


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