event fullcalendar v1.02

Release Notes

Bugfixes: Colorpicker, IE compatibility

Date format as user setting.

  • No, i translate every file manually to suit my needs

  • did you used the last build from the repository?

    do you use apache server ? version and php version?

    can you post server log


  • i use Apache Version 2.2.8

    and php 5.2.6

  • @bart Thanks for setting up the mercurial server, but I have tested current & tag v1.11 repository versions with Elgg 1.7.7 and get a blank screen in both FF and IE8.

    It is odd, as there is no error messages or JavaScript bugs, and the configuration settings in administration tools is missing.

    Does the current hg pull include the accumulative patches in this thread?

  • hello


    when I activate this plugin and CustomStyle only shows the events personal


    any solution or alternative?


    I hope answer please, is very very important. thanks

  • when i click on 'edit' ona n event i get the following on the left hand side: -



    This appears just under 'Edit this event'.

    Does anyone please know how to remove this function?


  • No matter i found it under start.php :)

  • Hi Invi,

    plugin looks really cool; Great work. I cant make it show events in basic view though. Right after enabling the plugin Im adding an event. It doesnt appear.

    after checking show_events.php I can see that start/end time value is taken by get_input('start',0) and same for end time.. which is always zero hence no events are retrieved. Am I missing something obvious?

    Im using latest code from repository and elgg 1.7.6

    If you check Kevins original calendar plugin ver 0.84 you can see that there is code giving proper start/end time in show_events.php.

    Please advise

  • Hello,

    I would like to ask,

    if these events could notify by email when the event occurs?


  • Hello,


    I would like to know how to send an error from change.php.


    I'm using it to book items. So, when a reservation is done, the object can't be booked when this reservation takes place.


    As people can drag and drop reservations, they can move them where they want and even those belonging to other persons. I made sure that the update of the "event" doesn't register when the dates are wrong or when it's not the owner that is moving it. The problem: after the drop, it's not refreshing automatically, I need to change views or press F5 if I want to see if it has registered or not. In other words, I need to find a way for the page to reload after the drop, so that if there is a problem, the dragged event can return to its original place and an error shows in order to explain why.


    I've tried stuff in the change.php file or in fullcalendar.php but nothing worked. I want at least to see if it's possible before disabling the drop and the resize.


    Thanks to those who can answer

  • Im having trouble because the days are loaded weird.

    i have the calendar starting at mar (tuesday) and ending at lun (monday)

    And I cant open the event from the calendar


    Im also having trouble finding the css for the little calendar in the sidebar. I need to change some looks in there. :/

    but the most important thing is...that my week starts at tuesday :S

    oh and it also kills some of the profile pics.



    Is there a way to solve this?

    using 1.7.8

  • Problem:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare event_calendar_get_event_for_edit() (previously declared in /home/turis543/public_html/mod/elgg_calendar/models/model.php:14) in /home/turis543/public_html/mod/event_calendar/models/model.php on line 23

  • All the views look great Thank you.

    BUT . . . I try to create and event and I get a blank page or a Not Found message. Any ideas?

  • Ok, got the recent code, changed the strptime function to the following:

    $s_date = date_parse_from_format($ed->start_date, $phpdateformat);

    Now I can save events, but the event date is 12/31/1969.

    Any ideas?

  • Does the calendar have the option to show a full year at a glance?

  • i got this message:

    Deprecated in 1.8: page_owner_entity() was deprecated by elgg_get_page_owner_entity(). Called from [#8] mod/elgg_calendar/start.php:94 message...

    i start 2day with a new elgg set up

    i am a experienced wp user

    elgg is totaly new 2 me

    can you help?


  • how to change this? Deprecated in 1.8: get_context() was deprecated by elgg_get_context(). Called from [#8] mod/elgg_calendar/start.php:96


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