event fullcalendar v1.01

Release Notes

- Compatibility with Kevin's event calendar plug-in. Check and run fixtoutc.php.

- Check the repository for recent updates.

  • @invi 

    please help me

    when i create event don't show color


    Optional. Associated color


    please help me

  • Hey ccbuildr (Eric) - can you please put a link to the 1900 Date fix.

  • hi the event calendar is really nice. However, I have problems. If I create an event which sees no other user except me though is public. And my second problem is: When I right in to the event calendar click event does not open, it is not responding. I have Elgg 1.7.1. Thanks in advance. Have anybody the same problem? Sorry for my english :-)

  • Users who are not admin cannot create an event.

    But they have the link "personnal events" ...


    I am on 1.7.1


  • I installed the plugin, but when I add events - the page does not show up! In other words it is not saved or not does it return. I am on Windows XP/Firefox 3.6.8.

    Any ideas?


  • @Jagadish... localhost (xampp, wampp) or live site ?

    may not work properly on localhost

  • Kevin told me that the datepicker time functions have been changed from the original... (Caedes provided a script to change exisiting events)... but Kevin found that this date code does not work consistantly... he said it would not work on his development machine... you probably have the same problem.

    If anyone would like to see this integrated properly into Kevin's plugin and is willing to chip in some bucks, I am in discussion with him about this very thing, so pm me and I'll tell you what I have planned for it and how much it will cost and we'll get it done.

  • I have the same problem as haziz - I can only view events when clicking on the link in the river. Clicking on the event in the calendar gives absolutely no response...


    Any ideas?

  • Nice plugin and I like the nifty little gui function with the calender next to the date fill in box. That really helps to speed things up for inserting mass numbers of events.

    Any chance in the future for a function that allows for repeating events such as those that take place on the 3rd friday of every month? A monthly repeat funtion would be really great.

  • To Tom

    I have an issue with the date. After adding a new event - the event date shows at 1 Jan 1970 for all events. Any clue why?

    In reference with my previous post about date - I checked Server Date through command line - the server date is fine. I also checked if ntp is automatically updating server date and time - that is fine too.

    I too was getting this outlandish date discrepancy until I took a much closer look at the plugin. In Tool Administration under settings for this plugin it says the date format is yyyy-mm-dd. This is incorrect. When you enter the date use the format dd-mm-yyyy and it will display correctly or an easier fix is to click the little calender next to the empty field and just point and click the box coresponding to the date field you wish to enter. Hope that helps

  • There is plenty of information about the 1970 date problem.  Generally a conflict with profile manager plugin.  Reordering th the plugins can fix it... or do as I did, strip out the datepicker from the Profile Manager plugin.

    I am discussing the merging of this fork into the main calenday plugin with Kevin at the moment, and looking for anyone that would like to "chip in" with some cash to assist... any takers, pm me please.

  • Would love to use this plugin... works great, except events in the full calendar cannot be viewed by clicking on them (as mentioned by others above).  This is makes the events hard to even view at all, unless from activity stream.  If this were fixed, it would be an excellent plugin.  

  • I'd also love to use this plugin, unfortunately in ie7 and ie8 events aren't appearing on the calendar at all.


  • is any one fermiliar with this messege?
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare event_calendar_init() (previously declared in /elgg/mod/event_calendar/start.php:27) in /elgg/mod/elgg_calendar/start.php on line 88

    elgg 1.7.1

    Thanks and blessings

  • Can anyone help out with instructions for localizing the calendar for utf-8 languages? 


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