event fullcalendar v1.01

Release Notes

- Compatibility with Kevin's event calendar plug-in. Check and run fixtoutc.php.

- Check the repository for recent updates.

  • @adclose, delete and replace it. The whole code is included.

  • Hi Invi,

    Just tried it out on my test site, and I love the look of it! 

    I was just wondering though if it is possible to have the "Region" and "Event Type" filters provided in Kevin's plugin? 

    One other thing... I also notice that "View All Events" appears twice in the menu block.

    Thanks for a great mod to the Calendar plugin!

  • Works like a charm on my 1.7.1 installation at http://n.irc.su .

    But I got a question. When we add a new event, there's a section to associate a color to it. But only the title and the description appear, no color chooser (or any other type of selection/field) is shown. Should I install any plugin for the colorchooser to appear?

    Thanks for this wonderful nice-looking plugin!

  • The manifest says that this plugin is based on the 0.82 version of Kevin's plugin. Is it a mistake in the manifest? If not, will you update it to 0.83?

    Thanks a lot for this improved plugin!

  • when i add an event i have :


    The requested action (event_calendar/manage) was not defined in the system.


  • @mark, can be interesting to add the filters. check the repository for the menu entry fix.

    @gabriel, maybe there is a conflict with other loaded js? i will change it to a simpler one

    @ccbuildr, yes is based on 0.82 you can check the starting version in the source repo. yes it will be updated.

    @badr, make sure that the mod folder is 'event_calendar'


  • Great modification of the calendar!

    When you cay "Check and run fixtoutc.php.", does that mean run


    I get a white screen adding new events

    Thank you


  • I can't seem to find any conflicting JS, and (at least as far as I know) none of my plugins have modified the colorpicker. I'll develop a test plugin just to see if it's a problem on the whole Elgg input/colorpicker.

    The colorpicker doesn't show either on Google Chrome or Firefox. I already checked the part of the code where it is supposed to show the colorpicker, and it seems everything is correct.

    Anyone else is having this problem? I'm using Elgg 1.7.1 with theme_666 installed, you can see the site live on http://n.irc.su

  • Hi Invi, re @gabriel's comment about the colour picker, I have the same issue... no colour picker.  Just a thought, it would be nice to be able to associate colours with "Event Types" filter option I mentioned above.

  • To fix the duplicate menu entry @Mark Bridges pointed, simply comment out the line 113 OR 104 of the file event_calendar/start.php


    I'm still searching for a solution to the colorpicker problem... :(

  • ok its work now but when i try to add an event i have :

    Call to undefined function strptime() in mod\event_calendar\models\model.php on line 117

  • Hi @invi - like others here I'm not getting the color picker in firefox or chrome, however I've also got an ie 7 problem,  no events are showing. 

     I can add an event and even define color in ie7, in firefox the event shows up but not in ie.

  • Hi Invi,  Just noticed a little compatability bug with Vazco_GMap_events, when you click on an event in the calendar view, the event lightbox opens, but then turns into a white page and the status bar at the bottom says it is loading Google Maps... but never completes or shows the event information.

    If I view the "event map" from the link, the map opens normally, and the map icons and title links all work and deliver the normal individual event view (but not in a lightbox).  Regards, Mark

  • Hi,

    Very good plugin. Thanks.

    I have an issue with the date. After adding a new event - the event date shows at 1 Jan 1970 for all events. Any clue why?


    I am using Elgg 1.7.1 on a dedicated Centos Box.

  • I do not know who invi is and so far as I know he has never attempted to contact me about this fork to my event calendar code.

    It is perfectly OK to fork any GPL code (indeed I have done that myself with other plugins), but just a little warning in this case that I am continuing to add major new features to the event calendar so  anyone who adopts this version may run into problems in the future if they want the new stuff.

  • To: Kevin Jardine
    <!-- get the time the message was sent --> 82 days ago

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    event calendar new features

    <!-- display the message -->

    hi Kevin,

    We have been developing your plug-in, adding a full calendar and a side navigation. Events can be modified drang&drop. If you want to test it, we have a dev elgg at https://n-1.artelibredigital.net where you can register.

    The source code can be found at http://bitbucket.org/rhizomatik/elgg_calendar, and I would like to know if you like this new features to be added to you project.

    Congratulations for your nice plug-in.



  • Thanks invi,

    I don't remember ever reading/seeing that message. I appreciate that you did send it.

    However, my point remains the same. The original event calendar will continue to be actively developed (and indeed I have added many new features recently that will be in the next release).

  • I would suggest in future that perhaps a better approach when adding new features to actively supported plugins is to create a plugin that adds the additional features rather than replaces the plugin entirely.

    This is usually what I do for clients myself (eg. for Tidypics).

    I deliberately store almost all my functions in a models/model.php file to facilitate this approach.

    That would give you the best of both worlds - the new features plus continuing development from the original plugin.


  • @kevin, from a purely selfish point of view, I hope you can use the code Elinvi and Caedes have created, they clearly have no problem with that and would welcome thie work being mainstreamed in your relases of the Calendar Plugin.

    I think what they have done is both beautiful and highly useful... but like you say, it would be a shame if this approach could not benefit from your "Event Type" and "Region" filters and whaterver else you have in the pipeline.

  • In reference with my previous post about date - I checked Server Date through command line - the server date is fine. I also checked if ntp is automatically updating server date and time - that is fine too.

    I am still getting the Jan 1 1900 date on all new events.

    Please help.

  • @Kevin, I did replace this calendar plugin with this one because this one seems more powerful and has a full-page calendar view. Also, on your original plugin version, on 1.7.1 there seems it is a bug that makes it to not display the Add event menu item (at least in my Elgg it did not).

    @invi, on your approach to @Kevin's plugin, is there any way to add non-existing (that is, events that don't exist in the site-wide calendar) events to our personal calendar? Because when we're logged in as normal user, no Add Event button appears, even when we're viewing the personal events.

    Or is it only possible to add already existing site-calendar events to our personal calendar?

  • @invi - Great Job! I applaud you on this plugin. I have an site with 2,356 events this month and pagination is something really needed. It would really help with the number of events for the day view and monthly as well.

    Also, when viewing events, they are not clickable (valid links) w/ firefox latest version.

    Thirdly, if you have time to design a bulk event loaded in php, feel free to contact me for some paid work. I have desined a bot to load them, but this requires the bot to visit the site, fill out the form and submit them as if it were a human. I would rather have it added directly to the database and not require the elgg's extensive server resources + CPU's.

  • When I go to Personal Calendar, I get the following error:


    Unknown column 'a.time_created' in 'field list'

    QUERY: SELECT DISTINCT e.*, max(a.time_created) as maxtime FROM st_entities e JOIN st_annotations a1 on e.guid = a1.entity_guid JOIN st_metastrings msn1 on a1.name_id = msn1.id JOIN st_metastrings msv1 on a1.value_id = msv1.id WHERE (((msn1.string = 'personal_event' AND BINARY msv1.string = 2 AND ( (1 = 1) and a1.enabled='yes')))) AND ((e.type = 'object' AND e.subtype IN (15))) AND (e.site_guid IN (1)) AND ( (1 = 1) and e.enabled='yes') GROUP BY a.entity_guid ORDER BY maxtime desc LIMIT 0, 10

    I installed the plugin and ran the update script and then this. What am I missing?

  • The mod folder is 'event_calendar' but I still recive the same message:

    The requested action (event_calendar/manage) was not defined in the system.

    Any idea??


  • I have the same problem that Ben Jordan. Has anybody found a solution? Thanks


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