Resume (a.k.a. ePortfolio) v1.3.1

Release Notes

Again, let me start by saying  that I really appreciate all the comments and ideas that you guys have been posting for the previous releases.

This release has some of the features that have been requested in the past months, however, there are a few more that are yet to come.

Included for this release:

  • English and spanish language
  • Added "ePortfolio info" on profile page
  • Added comments capability on "work experience" and "academic info" items so other community members can express support or make recommendations. (One step closer to linkedin recommendations system hehe ....  but on a  "more elgg way to do it")
  • Added search capabilities on work experience (jobtitle, organization and description) and academic info (title, institution, academic level) items.
  • Added search bars on ePortolio page.
  • Added "printer friendly version" button on profile and ePortfolio page so profile owners and other users can easily print their profile+ePortfolio data as a resume.

Changes from 1.3

  • Included the e-Portfolio data inside the profile_info div (replaced profile/userdetails view) to get a nicer desgin as suggested by Flávio Rodrigues. If you need the profile/userdetails view not to be replaced by resume please use 1.3 version in wich the e-Portfolio data is embedded by extending the userdetails view.

Yet to come.... pdf direct export (I really want to use an entirely php method), image ePortfolio and some of the other cool features that you have been posting.



Some minor changes where made into Work and Academic objects actions in order to implement searching on those objects. Although the new version will work just fine if you overwrite previous version, only the objects created on the new version will be "searchable".

In order to correct this issue, a tiny upgrade script has been included to transform old objects into searchable objects. To invoke this script, login as administrator in elgg and call the URL /mod/resume/upgrade.php. For example, if your elgg instance is located at, invoke the URL And thats it!

Hope you enjoy, and as always, I'm open for any comments.

Pablo Borbón

Developer and consultant engineer for Consultora Nivel7 Ltda.


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