Resume (a.k.a. ePortfolio) v1.2

Release Notes

First, let me say that I appreciate all the comments and ideas that you guys have been posting for the previous release.

This release has some new features that our client requested and some others that were posted on the comments of previous release. Also, I would like to thank Brett Proffit for his coding guide and all the tips that he has provided... any additional feedback would be great!

Included for this release:

  • English and spanish language
  • Added "academic history" section
  • Added "additional training" section
  • Added AJAX collapsible-style sections for better organization
  • Some re-coding for better plugin behavior and code reading.
  • Added index page handler (deleted index.php)

Yet to come.... pdf export, some other sections and more cool stuff!

  • Great work pablo :)

    Not tested... but from screenshots and features I believe this has evolved much from the first release :)

    Kudos bro... this is a must have for any academic site :)


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • hey, r u going to recommendation/testimonial feature in this module? I am waiting for this feature to download your module.

  • Hi guys, thx for your interest! ..

    @Sheetal Nepte: Can you please explain a little further the recommendation/testimonial feature? .. this way we can see if it's aligned with our client's needs.

    Take care!

  • Similar to linkedin recommendation feature which is available on profile page, were colleague/contact can recommend for once's work.


  • its not showing with me what is the problem :( i use 1.6 version can you please help me with the installation.

  • nice plugin! I can't wait for new features! :-P
    I can suggest some sections to add (with some options) like:


    @ Profession
    • Occupation or position held
    • Office/Company
    • College/University
    • Course
    @ Title of qualification awarded
    @ Personal skills and competences
    @I am available for...
    • Freelancing
    • Long-Term Contract
    • Full-Time Hire
    • Part-Time Hire
    • Consulting


  • It is not simple to create an elgg_view on eportfolio in another part of the site. all content is coding in start.php

    for example I want to introduce eportfolio directly on user profile page (pg/profile/lord55) to have a complete profile on me.... maybe it can be an option in plugin setting to have it also under ABOUT ME in profile :-)


  • @Sheetal Nepte: It sounts like a very nice feature and I definitely will keep it in mind for next release.

    @lord55: More sections are coming and the ones you mentioned seems to be very useful, the original idea was not to repeat some of the fields included by default in elgg such as skills and interests, but maybe it  isn't such a bad thing. On the other hand, I don't think that the ePortfolio information will  be included on the profile page any time soon as our client specifically asked us to keep things separated. However, I don't see that option as discarded either (as you suggested, it may be nice to have that as a setting).

    The next release will be coming out in about 2 or 3 months as we're a little busy right now.

    Again, thanks to all for your comments and as jaxcatz  says, "happy elgging!"



  • @Pablo

    I feel another nice feature to be in the eportolio resume would be to have a space for adding a link in the resume page for adding video resumes ( the new trend in the professional industry)... in short a space to embed video in eportfolio/resume page

    and also a link which can connect to a certain folder/album created with tidypics photo/picture album (useful for the member to showcase their creativity if they are in the art field) same goes with adding music or a link to take them to files (nice for musicians or others to showcase)

    Wud be nice to have these additions :)

    and as always

    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • thanx you for such a great plugin ... can't wait for new features

  • @Pablo really great plugin When can we expect the Updated Plugin with more features eagerly waiting For that


  • Hi guys, thx for your interest. I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while, but we're a little busy right now with some typo3-moodle-elgg-universitasXXI integration projects. About the next plugin release, I hope I can finish it for the end of this year, so you can expect it around christmas with new sections, recomendation system and some other nice features you proposed.



  • hi Pablo, (and others...)

    Did you ever think about a HR-XML integration ?

  • Bump! , Works Lovely , any guides or steps to update / change the options ?

  • Hello, Thanks for this great contribution ! can we search content on ePortfolio (search field) ? 

  • Hi guys, thank you for your comments!

    @opensource there are not options to configure on the plugin in current version.

    @Toumi in current version you can't search for eportfolio content. That is one of the new features in the next release that is under development right now (oriented to add a little more "Mahara like" functionality as requested from a new client). You can expect it around January 20



  • Hey this is the EXACT plugin i want! i'm creating an alumni site...

    these are the requirements i'm looking for :

    - have custom fields n sections.. thot u cud integrate it wid profile manager to do it!

    - i also want auto complete boxes for companies, universities n job titels so that the user doesn't have to enter data already in the database(woud prefer custom auto complete fields)

    - when ever a user enters a new univerity or company the user wil have to enter additional details abt it lyk name, location,... etc it should be verified by the admin to check if the information is correct

    - users should be able search through these data.. ex- a student wanting to find out who all worked in a company

    by the way can u put sections of the info from portfolio on to the profile?

    u wud make my lyf so much better if u cud do that!

    tanx a ton!

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