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Eliminates the "username" field and forces users to login using their e-mail address

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1.70.65 ()2010-Sep-02
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This module eliminates all mention of the username field on the login / register / change password forms. This will make your elgg install function similar to facebook / myspace and allow users to sign up and login without having to choose a username. Since elgg requires all users to have a username this module works by generating them a unique username based on the display name entered.

Feature List

  • Allows users to login using their e-mail address
  • Removes Username fields
  • Generates unique username based on display name
  • Adds more detailed error message to the registration form

Additional Credits

This module is based on "login by email" by Pedro Prez (look him up in the community he does a lot of great work). The main difference is loginbyemail still allows users to login using a username and still requires them to choose a username during registration. Additionally, I added error messages to the registration process and upgraded the login / registration / lost password forms to be based off of the versions from Elgg 1.7. I changed the name to login by email only to avoid confusion.

Known Issues

Does not work with other modules that override actions/login.php specifically "Site Access"


  • Category: Authentication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 3405
  • Recommendations: 4

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