Icon Photo Booth (web cam) v0.3

Release Notes

  • Adjusted the size of the SWF so it fits in the standard layout better
  • included the flash source .fla file incase anyone wants to customize it
  • Very interesting!

    I will test it!

    Thanks for you contribution.


  • it doesn't work for me i m using 1.6.1 version

    i have the capture tab but its the same as the upload image there is nothing to capture image

    thx :)

    great plug

  • Hi, doesn't work for me either (Elgg 1.7.0) clicking on the "Capture Icon" tab goes to a blank page. Excellent idea though. I will add it again as soon as this is working fully.

  • I MIGHT have found the problem. If you were running Elgg in a sub folder (not in your domain root) I wasn't including the web root in my AJAX call that loads the content of that tab. I just put up a new version with this change included. Please, let me know if this fixes the issue.

    Outside of that, I don't have time to look too deeply into making this plugin backwards compatible. This plugin is developed and tested for Elgg 1.7.1


  • Category: Media
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 4033
  • Recommendations: 8

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