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Add better support when elgg group is disabled.

  • Hello,

    thanks for your make many good plugins...Thank you very much......

    I have two questions:

    1. Has the plugin a notify function?

    2. What do you think about a 2nd level structure?

    Thanks for your reply......



  • @Larsen Hi!,

    Here my answers

    1) No yet but I will implement it on the future.

    2) I will think about you have any idea about implement 2nd level structure?


  • Hi Pedro thanks for your answer....iam not a coder but i will give you a example:

    The First level are Threads..........

    >Cars    >Bikes     >Motorsports    >Formel1    > Racing

    The 2nd level are topics >Cars

    What do you think about Toyota?.......//and so on

    The Admin can create Threads and delete topics or switching.....Users can create Topics

    Threads and topics have icons (New, Important and so on......)


    Sorry im not a coder........but you stand of my donation list :-) my site must generate money....then comes the donation....i think when you see my project you think my project has a chance.......look

    When you need graphics i will help you i think i can to that..........

  • Subiendo, ni bien lo instale te cuento como me fue. Gracias!

  • Appears to work fine (in Elgg 1.7.0), apart from there are no settings in the admin tools (but I don't see what settings would need to be adjusted anyway).

    Excellent plugin.

  • Tested on 1.7.1 no errors ... :)

  • Running elgg 1.7.1:

    1.Link in admin tools sends you to home page

    2.Setting displayed but when you click only image link and a save button appear without any options.

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