Release Notes

This has been updated for Elgg 1.7. Please test before use on a production site.


Overrides edit.php in pages/views/default/forms/pages/

To enable: place pages_move in your elgg mod folder. On the 'tool administration' page, move pages_move below the pages plugin. Enable. Enjoy.

  • Nice :)

    Does this plugin work with elgg-wiki or default elgg pages... :)

  • Great addition to Pages Plugin! Should be by default in elgg. :)

  • Hi

    This plugin is nice but here is a problem and also a feature request:

    Problem: after moving a page a level down, user cannot move the page up a level? (alteast I didn't manage to do so)

    Feature request: It will be very useful to be able to move pages up and down the list (using hierarchy). If you can add this functionality to the plugin it will be great. Using a weight system will work nicely.

    thanks for your work

  • @t_om, you should only be able to change the level of a subpage within a toppage. I noticed in version 0.5 that I wasn't checking the subtype of the page, and it that the code was erroneously letting users move toppages. Moving a toppage would entail changing its subtype from 'page_top' to 'page'. (or vice versa). I might work on that for future releases (and I am welcome to suggestions for code), but right now, the plugin aims to move subpages within a toppage, because the code really only addresses the parent_guids of the subpages.

    As for weighting the hierarchy, I'm not sure how to accomplish this. i think it would mean adding info to the metadata that would set the order of the pages. I agree that it would be a welcome addition, so I would definitely welcome suggestions on how to do this.

  • doesn't work for 1.8 :( Please update!


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