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Adds a dropdown menu to move wiki pages within a parent hierarchy

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1.70.6 (2.49 kB)2010-Jul-01
1.60.41 (2.38 kB)2010-Jul-01
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   0.41 -   Release for Elgg 1.6

   0.6   -   Updated for 1.7

Simple plugin to allow users to move a wiki page within the wiki hierarchy tree. A user can move a page up one level (if not already at the highest level within the tree) or down a level (if there are available pages at that level under which the selected page can be nested). Currently, the plugin only allows users to move subpages within a page_top.

Though simple, I have found this plugin to be very useful. (i.e. If a user accidentally posts a newpage as a nested page, he or she can move the page back up a level without deleting and reposting the page.)


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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