User name and Password Checker v1.2

Release Notes


Release 1.1:

  • Allows set "username or password checker" through settings in admin menu. By Trajan. Thanks.

Release 1.2:

  • Checks the email avaiability with jquery.
  • Allows set "email checker" through settings in admin menu.



  • Leo de, Good to see that you did the update. I was busy with my otherworks. So was unable to make an update of many plugins of mine. If you need any help, drop me a mail.


    Team Webgalli

  • Very nice. Think about the accept terms and conditions feature, and you can rename this whole plugin to the 'Registration Control' plugin.


  • Yea  I will go with Trajan :)

    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)


  • Good job working very well in 1.7.1

  • For spanish

    Para español se debe crear es.php en mod\usernamePasswordChecker\languages\es.php


    $spanish = array(
                    'usernameChecker:message:available' => 'Nombre de usuario disponible para registro',
                    'usernameChecker:message:exists' => 'Este nombre de usuario ya existe',
                    'usernameChecker:message:minChar' => 'Nombre de usuario debe tener al menos 4 caracteres',
                    'emailChecker:message:available' => 'Email disponible para registro',
                    'emailChecker:message:exists' => 'Email ya se encuentra registrado',
                    'emailChecker:message:error' => 'Email no es valido',
                    'emailChecker:activate' => "Activar el supervisor de Email",
                    'usernameChecker:activate' => "Activar el supervisor de Nombre de Usuario?",
                    'passwordchecker:message:veryweak' => 'Debil',
                    'passwordchecker:message:weak' => 'Muy debil',
                    'passwordchecker:message:medium' => 'Mediana',
                    'passwordchecker:message:strong' => 'Fuerte',
                    'passwordchecker:message:verystrong' => 'Muy fuerte',
                    'passwordchecker:message:minchar' => 'Numero minimo de caracteres debe ser ',
                    'passwordchecker:activate' => "Activar el supervisor de Clave?",



  • Thanks, Rodrigo. I will include your work on the plugin.

  • Great plugin, doesn't work for me tho :-( I'm using a different there a way to get it running in my theme?

    Cheers, Chris

  • Hi, Hekolo. This plugin would work on any theme. What´s the problem?

  • Hi mate,

    I can't reallt tell what the problem is. The checking simply does not start. I'm using the chocolatepro theme. Have a look at In my case, the actual checking would also have to be under the enrty field. Don't worry too much if you can't find a quick solution ;-)

    Cheers, Chris

  • Mate, I think...not sure ;-) i found a bug with this plugin...i registerd an account with an e-mail adress that a different account already uses...I get an error message that the e-mail is already used...however, the account is still created...

    Any idea?

  • @Hekolo

    I can´t replicate this problem. My tests are ok. I tried to register a user with email registered with a different account, I get a message error that e-mail is already used, then the new account wasn´t created.

    Could you provide more details? 

  • Mhhh. maybe my theme creates the both issues...I will have a close look..once I find I will post here!

  • Very nice.sometimes username checker is not work.

  • Awesome job. I want to edit the plugin for my site and restrict users to a certain email domain say Could sb please help me (newbie)

  • Hi @david.

    Take a look at the function is_email_adress at file usernamePasswordChecker/actions/email_avaiability.php. You can make a function that checks if is in email adress. This can help you. 

  • Hi, the position of the username and password checker message is quite strange. I've changed the location of my login form in my theme, and what the plugin does it shows the message in  my login form, not the registration form...

  • @Ihayredinov : Its because the plugin is looking for the input field with internal naem as "password". you need to change it either in the plugin, or need to modify the elgg login view&action with changing the internal name fro password to some other.  

  • But can you link it to the password input field on the register, not login?

  • I'm having issues getting this plugin to work with the SiteAccess plugin.  Both plugins work fine when they are used alone, but with both enabled, the email and username checks will always say that the email and usernames are available.


    I believe it has something to do with the line:

    require_once(dirname(dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)))) . "/engine/start.php");

    in the usernamePasswordChecker/actions/email_availability.php file always returning true, but I'm not sure.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • to answer my own question, the 'walled garden' feature within the siteaccess plugin prevents the registering user from being able to load 'email_availability.php' which causes the main index page to be returned to the jquery.emailChecker.js function.

    To fix this, just add \mod\usernamePasswordChecker\actions\email_availability.php and \mod\usernamePasswordChecker\actions\email_availability.php to the allowed list within siteAccess.

  • @MarkP

    Slashes were wrong  and  user_avail... forgotten ;)  For us this works:




  • I found that attempting to register the email address ( on my site where this email has not been used (the site is nearly empty) brought up an error..

    then later, I tried again and it worked ok..?!

    I'm also finding that no check is being done on usernames at all.. 

    and that the password strength checker is appearing underneath the top login bar when I am logged out.. so when I type in the password in the top bar I am also seeing a number count for the inputted digits - on top of this the layout is slightly broken as a result.

    anyone got a fix for any of this?


  • @Leo: I haven't found a problem with your plugin yet. It works excellently. However, looking around I did notice this in the v/d/settings/edit.php on line 9:

    $$vars['entity']->usernameChecker = "yes";

    Not sure if it's causing anyone any problems, but maybe.

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