Likes / Dislikes Support for Elgg without spyware v0.3.3

Release Notes

Updated with more plugin support, added donation, mood, customstyle, media, profile updates and quotes.

  • Thanks for this nice plugin.

    I just made the integration with tidypics and I found a bug, it was necessary to refresh the screen to see the "you like this" message and so.

    I fixed it by changing the likes.php file (around line 26):

    //If the view is called from the riverdahsboar then we make a special annotation
    //if ($item) {
    if ($item != null && $item->id != '') {
        $annotation_name .= "_{$item->id}";

    Apparently the $item is an object when the action is performed.


  • Hi. I'm having an issue with the plugin. It worked fine until I migrated servers. At first the issue was that when someone clicks on the like button, they would get logged in as that user. Dangerous! Now all ofa sudden, it just logs the user out instead. Any ideas?

  • WAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..tanx alot ,bman...u've done a great job here..i tried it and its ok...i just want to add video/audio and other uploadables to see if it works for them also

  • I have a problem in 1.7.8, Versión - 2010071002

    I put in mod folder ... and at dashboard CSS desapear ..

    I delete it from mod folder and CSS works fine

    Can help me ?

  • Smith

    Hello people!  i would like to insert the like option in the object view, for example in a photo view.

       i tried to insert this line after coment view, but nothing to do.

            echo elgg_view('input/like', array('entity' => $vars['entity']));


  • Not compatible with Elgg anymore. Gives "depricated function" error messages with elgg 1.8.4.

    Now the default 'Likes' plugin which comes with Elgg 1.8.x already does the same stuff albeit with a different look which can probably be altered via a theme.


  • Is there anyway to disable Like/Dislike for some pages?


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 2837
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