River Comments - WITHOUT SPYWARE v0.2.1a

Release Notes

Same as the Pedro Prez plugin exactly, but this one is without spyware ping home function. I posted a comment to him and instead of addressing it he chose to delete my comments and ignore the issue, so I chose to do this.

  • You can now set the rivers types where the comments will appear.
  • You can now have the possibility to comment in tidypics, event_calendar and izap_videos (of course if thouse modules are enabled).
  • You can now disable the ajax feature of "Show all the comments" (for the users that had that problem).
  • Support for the version 1.6.1 of elgg has been added. You will not have to reload the page to see the new comments.
  • ... it's also doing the same thing when people update their profiles, but not when they do anything else like upload photos or add to the wire or mood board.

  • Ok, here's another strange update. On the friendship comments, this bug only seems to apply to users that I invite to be friends, but not vice-versa.

  • @gushbellino - This has some additional support pedro's plugin does not, as well this plugin has no ping function.  This has been discussed already, you should drop it.  Having more code in a opensource community has never been a bad thing.  Thats why they have that Fork button on github.

    @Bella Bellucci - Comment these lines in start.php like so to disable those.

    //extend_view('friends/river/create', 'river_comments/comments');

    //extend_view('river/user/default/profileiconupdate', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);       //extend_view('river/user/default/profileupdate', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);

    Notices you mentioned mood plugin as well (this is one not supported by Pedro's version)
    Thanks for using both of them and good luck with your site.
  • Thanks. Worked like a charm. While I was in the editor, I noticed the notes still credit Pedro Prez. Just thought I'd toss that out there. It's hardly plagiarism if you credit the original author. Good luck with the plugin, both of you. I really enjoy using it. :) 

  • @Bella Bellucci - no problem, noticed on your site that the mood plugin wasnt working as well.

    *this may be only a issue for non logged in users*

    Didn't see a post on the plugin page for mood, but if you need help with it let me know.

  • Thanks for the help bman. As far as I can tell, Mood is working just fine. :)

  • Having the same issue as @Bella Belluci

    What exactly do I need to do to fix it? Where do I put those lines of code?

  • Just edit the start.php file

    add // to the beginning of those lines

    nothing else to do


  • strangely I am finding that when I view the settings page for this plugin in the admin area (that allows selection of where the comment boxes will appear in the site); there is no 'save' button.. so I can't change any settings.. does anyone have any idea why this might be?


  • n.b. the setting for izap videos is set to 'no' and when i change it to 'yes' and leave the panel.. then return.. the setting has not been saved to 'yes'.. it is reset to 'no'.


    I would just change the dbase setting for this as a workaround but I haven't located that yet either!

  • oh.. this is only an issue when accessing the setting via the left side navigation bar for some reason.. when i access them via the tool config button on the plugin in the plugin list itself, the controls function correctly.

  • Hi I have one question.

    Can somebody point me to the direction when I comment it adds says like "<user> "says" <comment>"?

    I can't seem to find the file to edit..

    thanks a lot!

  • Hello,

    I just installed river_comment. It doesnt work for me. And in the admin panel, "

    River Comments Settings

    " is just empty!


    What should I check???


    Thanks in advance!

  • Any way to add comments to the wire like you have to the dashboard?

  • @Pedro Prez I came across your tool first, but you will never get a donation from me now. Seriously, leaving the CGI active even when "disabled" is a security issue.

    Thanks bman,

  • Wow I never saw this debate or thread, very lively!

  • Hi, I'm using your plugin but when I post a replay, the comment displays above the original post, so none of them are readable?

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    And how can I enable this plugin in the wire? thanks!!!


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 2855
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