River Comments - WITHOUT SPYWARE v0.2.1a

Release Notes

Same as the Pedro Prez plugin exactly, but this one is without spyware ping home function. I posted a comment to him and instead of addressing it he chose to delete my comments and ignore the issue, so I chose to do this.

  • You can now set the rivers types where the comments will appear.
  • You can now have the possibility to comment in tidypics, event_calendar and izap_videos (of course if thouse modules are enabled).
  • You can now disable the ajax feature of "Show all the comments" (for the users that had that problem).
  • Support for the version 1.6.1 of elgg has been added. You will not have to reload the page to see the new comments.
  • Nice workfor Pedro and great improvement for Bman! 

    You should really think to work together on this :)

  • Hi. 

    I have a problem with the plugin.

    Yesterday everything worked perfectly. Today, When i click on "show alll the comments" I see all the page wrappend inside the "comments space".

    I have done a screen shot. Could u suggest me a way to solve this problem?



  • @pacochan looks like it has a problem accessing the url correctly, if you can, watch your logs when you load the page and see what its trying to do.  Either you changed the paths to the files, or changed .htaccess in some way to make it not work.



    im uploading a new version tonight, will add support for your plugin.


  • @rjcalifornia  I dont have access to my dev machine at the moment, so i am not able to update the plugin.  instead just add the lines i have quoted to river_comments/start.php below this line:

    extend_view('river/object/izap_videos/annotate', 'rivercomments/comments', $priority);

    extend_view('river/object/videolist/annotate', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);
    extend_view('river/object/videolist/create', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);
  • @midkniht

    I checked the link and it points correctly to http://www.mysite.com/pg/river_comments/allcomments/?guid=174

    Moreover, I didn't modify nothing cause I just downloaded the plugin and avtivated it. 

    As I said, the first time everything worked perfectly. After a while it started to not work anymore... 

    I have my website on an Arvixe sever. Is there anybody here that is on Arvixe? 

  • @pocochan: You have to set output_buffering to off in your php.ini. If you can't access your php.ini than you can probably set it in your .htaccess. Try adding:

    php_flag output_buffering off

    to your .htaccess

  • @Chad0989

    Thanks for the answer!. I tried to add the line as u told me, but everytime I do it I obtain an Internal server Error. Is There anything else to do? 

    (If I try to deactivate the ajax, i can see "all the comments" on another page, but i can't add a comment directly on that page. Actually I'm trying to modidy the allcomments.php file to let people adding comments directly there)

  • @pacochan:

    Did you make sure you added it in your .htaccess between the lines:


    <IfModule mod_php5.c>

    If you hadn't, thats where it has to go. If its still not working, you can try:
    php_value output_buffering off
    If that still doesn't work, I'm thinking that you may have to try to contact your host and see if they can set it for you.
  • Yes yes. Look, I added the line u told me in the .htaccess file in the root of the elgg framewrok.

    I also tried to add the php_value, but nothing happened. Thank you anyway. I will try to contact the arvixe support.

    Another question: can u suggest me a better hosting service for the elgg framework?

    Thanks! in adavance!


    # php 5, apache 1 and 2

    <IfModule mod_php5.c>

    # default memory limit to 64Mb

    php_value memory_limit 64M

    # to make sure register global is off

    php_value register_globals 0

    # max post size to 8Mb

    php_value post_max_size 8388608

    # upload size limit to 5Mb

    php_value upload_max_filesize 5242880

    # hide errors, enable only if debug enabled

    php_value display_errors 0

    # per far in modo che i messaggi "guarda tutti i commenti"

    php_flag output_buffering off


  • @Chad0989

    mmmm do u think that the fact i have the elgg application in a subdirectory of my host, could create problems? In this case i should try to move all the application in  my "www root directory"...  


  • It shouldn't matter that you have it in a subdirectory, I have mine in a subdirectory for now until its finished and I haven't had any issues. My guess is that they may not allow you to override the PHP values, but I assume that with a simple call to support they can set it for you.

    You can try this to see if your override is being accepted though. Create a file in your elgg directory called phpinfo.php with the code:




    Access the file in your browser and under the section labeled "Core" you'll be able to see what all the server values (master values) are and if your .htaccess is overriding them (local values).

    As for another host, I apologize but I really don't have any recommendations since I'm hosting my own. I do know that elgg has pretty hefty server requirements though and many have crashed or been booted from shared hosts after having only 10-15 simultaneous users.


  • Hello bman.!

    I just install your plugin and I discover a few bugs.

    1) Your plugin is not compatible with RiverFaces. When RiverFaces is bottom at list of plugins there is no link 'Comment' and friendly time showing. But  when you put it on top, do not appear avatars.

    2) Added the link "Comment" and friendly time in one line is a good idea, like on Facebook, but theres is a difference. When you click the 'Comment' box appears with the comments. At all times you appear, is an open box. Do the same as in Facebook. ->

    4 hours ago (Friendly Time) · Add comment · Like

    3) Activity Widget. - The same bug - all comment box are wide open. There should be all closed. And another bug, box "like" is at top of friendly time and "Comment'. Does not look good.

    Please modify your plugin as the same idea like in the photo:




    I did as u told me and I see that for the "directive" "output_buffering" I have a value 8000 for both Local and Master Value. Does it mean I could override the master value through the .htaccess file?



    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value output_buffering 8000 8000

  • If you're setting it in the .htaccess and the local value doesn't change then its not taking the override. What php version is it? You can also try:

    php_value output_buffering 0

    They all should work and do the same thing but maybe theres a difference in versions for which format of the flag it wants. Did you try to contact them yet?

  • Yes Yes I contacted them, but maybe I should wait a bit for the answer. As soon as they reply, I will post their answer! :)

  • Anyway I discoverd ( as u said ) that also Arvixe allows only 10 connections at time... Now I don't pretend to have a great social network, but 10 connections are too few... I will look for another host... :/


  • Seems the email notification isn't parsing the data needed when it is sent out after a comment is left on a river entry.


    You have a new comment on your item "" from xxxxx. It reads:

    Notice the missing item title?

    and in the link to the item:


    it links to a page with an empty listing.

  • Activity Widget. - The same bug - all comment box are wide open. There should be all closed.

    How can we fix that?


  • Problem solved!!!

    Thanks to Arvixe...

    for Arvixe users: to solve the problem I explained before, there is a nice function in the administration panel ( cpanel ).

    Just go to cpanel>arvixe>applications paths>click to create php.ini

    At thiis point edit it ( put the output_buffering to off ) and click the button "upgrade".

    This will generate a php.ini file in your home directory that will override the default php.ini file and will let you using this great plugin.

  • On my index page i see the js.php is loaded,

    function rcPrepareItems() {
    //Hide all the buttons submit
    $('.collapsable_box_content .comment_box_submit').hide();

    //Add events

    Is that neccesary or can i somehow keep this out of my "not logged in pages" witout loosing functionality?

  • Been silent here because I am working svn elgg atm and this function is built in (as well as likes)  So you might as well call this version deprecated with the next version of elgg.

  • People, report the bugs and ask your questions to Pedro (http://community.elgg.org/pg/plugins/project/515633/developer/pedroprez/river-comments) because he is the creator of the plugin, this is just a copy of it.

    bman, please delete this entry plugin and this one http://bit.ly/a2BNsd as that is a copy too.


  • I'll take this one, without the ping-back, thanks...

    There is no reason to delete this entry.

  • Just to get it out of the way: I'm loving this plugin and not loving the idea of pingbacks to my site. Here's my bug (or maybe it's designed to do this?): when there are comments on an action such as a profile update or friendship, it gets carried over to every incidence of that action. I.e., I make a comment on my new friendship with someone, they then make friends with someone else, my comment about my friendship with the first user gets carried over. Is there any way to keep the comments specific to individual user actions? Thanks!


  • Category: Communication
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
  • Downloads: 2855
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