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Allows users to create tinychat Videochat rooms in your site

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First of all, allow me to say that I am not used to elgg coding, and that this is my first attempt at a plugin. I am aware of 2 issues:

1) The dropdown menu from the topbar does not work whilst in a videochat room

2) The chatroom does not embed in Firefox - This is a problem that many webmasters are experiencing, looking at various forumsBut don't let this put you off trying. Please try in your test site, or, try on your production site, if you play with the code to give your users a message that rooms will not appear if using Firefox

I hacked around with the coding of another plugin to build this, based on an idea from Raaaj

I suppose I was like a child at Christmas, and couldn't wait, so I came up with this. ;-)

Instructions:DownloadOpen videochat/videochat.php

Find:          var tinychat = { room: "***INSERT SITE NAME HERE***-$roomname"

and type in your site name (or any other text without spaces) and remove the *** at either end ;-)

Upload to your /mod folder and enable.

Hopefully, Raaaj's plugin will become available soon.

If not, then I would think that between us all, we can make this one fully operational.

As mentioned, I do not feel fully competent with the coding of elgg, yet, so I may not be able to answer all questions, but any feedback would be appreciated.


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