• Hi thanks for this plugin. How I can add default folder for members to choose ?

  • @elHayaze, sorry the functionality you mentioned is not supported.  Perhaps in a future release. 

  • Hi,

    thanks for implementing this great feature! However, when I try it out on my local server, folders which are set to be visible for all users are still only visible for the person that created them. No matter if they contain files set to the same visibility or nothing at all. Not even an Admin can see everything. What am I doing wrong? Anyone with the same issue? Note: when I create folders in a group, it works just fine and all group members can see it.

    Another remark: Am I right that, when activating this plugin, I always get two ways of accessing files because the default file plugin needs to be enabled so I get one link saying "your files" and another one "your folders" possibly containing the same files - I find that a bit confusing.

    Thanks for your work and hoping for responses!

  • Hi, thanks for the nice plugin !

    I needed to adapt and translate it, and made a few modifications :

    • translated into french
    • added new strings into language file (from hardcoded ones)
    • made compatible with 1.6.1
    • added group tool option
    • modified some loops and selectors

    Planned : let admin choose which object subtype are allowed into folders

    @txtan : let me know if you're interested into merging some pieces of code !~)

  • @charquezz, the access control on folders should work. I am not aware of any problems until hearing about your case. Also admins can see all folders just like any other objects. Regarding your second comment, the folder plugin is suppose to extend files, it basically allows you to better organize your files whereas in the past you can only distinguish them by tags. So when using folders, you are presented with 2 different views of your files, one is the original file listing view, the other is the folders view. Hopeuflly this will clarify your confusion.


    @Faycle, great job. A new release is in the works so let me finish what I have going on now before considering the code merge. I see that you have published a modified version, so feel free to post a text link in your comment pointing to the modifed release.

  • Please mention in your notes that this needs the embed plugin to be enabled. Without embed, the add folder form appears in a new page with no styling. Looks a little ugly.

    You can think about editing the mod/folder/add.php file with an if statement to check if embed is enabled. If not draw the add folder form in the 2 column left sidebar layout.

    My version of the file now looks like this:


    if(!is_callable('elgg_view')) exit;

    $title = elgg_echo('folder:addfolder');

    $page_owner = page_owner_entity();

    if ($page_owner instanceof ElggGroup)

    $container = $page_owner->guid;


    if($guid = get_input('guid'))

    $entity = get_entity($guid);

    //Add Form Styling Control

    if (is_plugin_enabled('embed')){

    echo elgg_view('folder/forms/edit', array('entity'=>$entity, 'container_guid'=>$container));


    $area1 = elgg_view_title($title);

    $area1 .= elgg_view("folder/forms/edit", array('container_guid' => $container));

    page_draw($title,elgg_view_layout("two_column_left_sidebar", '', $area1));




  • Hi txtan,

    modified version is at http://community.elgg.org/mod/community_plugins/read.php?guid=528192 - for Elgg 1.6.1

    i'm in trouble with a JS loader that doesn't stop when moving files, but except that it's preety usable on 1.6.1 (and should be ok for 1.7 as well i suppose)

  • There's an error (typo) in the code (/folder/languages/en.php):

    [code]'folder:enablegroupfolders' => "Activate Fodlers for this group",[/code]

    should be:

    [code]'folder:enablegroupfolders' => "Activate Folders for this group",[/code]

    downloaded from here...

  • @S3Indiana Thanks for pointing it out.


  • Txtan,

    Bug excepted, i'll stick for a while on this version http://community.elgg.org/mod/community_plugins/read.php?guid=528192 (which is 1.6.1-compatible)

    Main improvements are group and plugin settings, which allows admn to choose which subtypes are allowed (default : files of course), and group admins to choose whether they want to activate the folders or not (default : no)

  • Hi,

    How can I rename (ou delete) a default folder "unspecified"?


  • @AzRunner I do not recommend deleting that 'Unspecified', because then you will have no way to identify files that are not in any folders.


    Technically the 'Unspecified' folder is not a folder but just a way of separating files that are in folders and those that are not. You can rename them as you wish.


    The files to change to rename is views/default/folder/list.php, languages/en.php, views/default/folder/file/upload.php and read.php. Basically replace all occurances of 'Unspecified' with what you want.


    With more foresight I should have make all those just point to language/en.php file, bad coding on my part.


  • txtan, this plugin is excellent... I am struggling with IE7 however not loading the unspecified folder on the main folder page. The loader just keeps spinning. I have looked through the comments and not found any mention of this. Can you suggest anything. Any help is appreciated!

  • @Mr Elgg, This is definitely a javascript problem. You can look at your browser's error console and see if there are any errors. I have no resources to support IE7. Sorry about that.

  • If you have any other ideas plz feel free to share or if anyone else has solved this issue with IE or something similar...Any javascripts to make ie7 behave like a NORMAL browser... Anything!

  • Great plugin. Simple, elegant, very useful. Installed perfectly in 1.7.4

  • how do I hide or remove the unspecifed folder I cant rename it or delete within the UI , also when I goto create a folder name ,it comes up white text input for the folder , it saves correctly but it comes full screen and no link back to the folder page . 



  • @opensource, there is no way to delete the unspecified folder. It is there to distinguish files that are in folders and those that are not.


    I am not sure what you are asking in the second question. A screenshot to accompany the explanation will help.

  • I installed the plugin and I think its functionality is great. However i have a problem on the file upload form. The dropdown menu in that form does not recognize the folders i made in the group or my personal files before and i can not select a map when i upload a file. (The functionality shown in image 4 does not work)

    Do you know how the fix this problem? I use Elgg 1.7.3.

  • I think the problem is solved now... it was a translation issue

  • Hmm... it wasn't just a translation problem. It works fine for my personal files and folders now but i can still not select a folder in the dropdown menu when I upload a group file.

  • Leon, what is in the dropdown menu when you upload a file in the groups context. Also are there any php errors in apache logs when you load that page?

  • Hi txtan, thank you for your great work.

    But when I select [contacts' folders] in the left menu, pagination don't work out well. (friends_list.php)

    The paging bar has 3 page buttons, but all friends' avatars are displayed.
    (I have 28 friends.)

    How can I fix this probrem ?

    I use elgg 1.7.4.

  • Smith

    Hello Leon, this is one of the best plugin for elgg. Gongratulation!

    I have a question for you:

    I go in files -> OK

    Click on 'your folders' -> OK

    Come back in 'my files0 -> "display sistem message" = "please change you bookmarks on this page"

    Anyone has this strange issue?


    Gennaro Tatarella



  • Great plug in...and the drag and drop capability is a sweet bonus.

    I am going to mess with the code but wanted to put my issue here in case I can't figure it out

    I can navigate to the Your folders - elgg/pg/folder/admin/yourfolder

    Everything works fine in the folder but the navigation links dont work for me

    Your folders ---the path looks like --- pg/folder//yourfolder

    Your contacts---pg/folder//friends/

    Your files ---takes me back to the index page

    Thanks for any help


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