River Comments v0.2

Release Notes

-The problem with the different tabs in the river dashboard were solved  -Now the plugin works with the widget activity.

  • I added somme extensions :

    extend_view('river/object/image/create', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);
            extend_view('river/object/album/create', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);
            extend_view('river/object/event_calendar/create', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);
            extend_view('river/object/messageboard/create', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);
            extend_view('river/object/file/create', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);
            extend_view('river/object/izap_videos/create', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);
            extend_view('river/object/blog/update', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);
            extend_view('river/object/videolist/create', 'river_comments/comments', $priority);
            extend_view('river/user/default/profileupdate', 'river_comments/comments');

    I would like to know how to add comment when a person joins a group ...

  • I always my problem to show the comment I just write, I need to refresh the page to show it...

  • Thanks to everyone for the feedback,

    I will revise all the comments and I will try fix all this problems.


  • everything seems nice (default). I do agree if there is notification will be great, else the plugin will be no use for long term an serious user.

  • I use fusion's 3 column riverdashboard and Pedro's river comment and my users get email notification on status comment.... is it specific to just my site... phraternity.com

  • Love the plugin! Has anyone been able to add URL recognition for comments?

  • When I post a comment it keeps posting the very fist comment that was done when I fist added this plug.  Then it corrects itself when I refresh the page.  Is anyone having this issue?

  • pedro thanks for this awesome plugin..previously i integrated the snow hellsing comments feature in my 3 column riverdashboard.


  • With this plugin Elgg just jumped from 1.7.1 to 4.5 ;-)

  • Hi there,

    now everything works perfect, thank you very much, just one tiny bug: loading the page, you see all "add comment" fields open with a submit button. on focus one of the fields, the other buttons disappear. after sending the comment, everything looks good (just till you refresh the site)

    Using Elgg 1.7.1 and some other plugins (if you need for bugfixing, pls write a pm)


  • @kasper actually this feature will be implemented in 1.8 =]

  • Hi, Can I use on the Elgg 1.8? I have errors of 

    • Deprecated in 1.7: extend_view() was deprecated by elgg_extend_view()!) .. can I fix this?

    • Thanks !

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