River Comments v0.2.4

Release Notes

  • Added the link "Comment" and friendly time in one line.
  • Hello Pedro.!

    I just install your plugin and I discover a few bugs.

    1) Your plugin is not compatible with RiverFaces. When RiverFaces is bottom at list of plugins there is no link 'Comment' and friendly time showing. But  when you put it on top, do not appear avatars.

    2) Added the link "Comment" and friendly time in one line is a good idea, like on Facebook, but theres is a difference. When you click the 'Comment' box appears with the comments. At all times you appear, is an open box. Do the same as in Facebook. ->

    4 hours ago (Friendly Time) · Add comment · Like

    3) Activity Widget. - The same bug - all comment box are wide open. There should be all closed. And another bug, box "like" is at top of friendly time and "Comment'. Does not look good.

    Please modify your plugin as the same idea like in the photo:


  • One thing. Can you do something with river icons? Just like in Facebook you have icon for every kind of activity. Icon for images, for relationships, events, youtube vidos etc.. Can you do that something similiar in function fiendly time?

  • Diggin' this new release, Pedro. Any way to make the friendly time and comment link row match the background? That would trick this out for good. Thanks.


  • Hi Pedro,

    I had an annoyin 'object expected' bug in IE8, that I finally corrected by adding a document.ready function in riverdashboardjs.php, like below :

    <script type="text/javascript">

    If it can be of any help ;-)

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