River Comments v0.1

  • what have you done, you crazy bastard ?!!!! ;-))))))))

    thank you + love you :-*


  • WoW :)

    eventhough I personally dnt like fB.. this addition to elgg really looks cool :)

    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • Hi, nice feature, but there is just a window like in your first picture, without a "commit" button or something like this...

    how can you submit your comment?

  • Hi Pedro Prez! A great and awesome plugin and I have added it to my site.

    But one shortcomming....


     The comment only works in all tab but not in mine tab (I mean adding a new comment). Similarly like button perfectly works in all tab but when you use it in mine tab. The full page is reloaded.
    Firstly I thought that this may be a problem with my site but toay I checked the same problem on yours demo site.
    Can yuo help me to make sure it both like and river comment work perfectly in all, mine and friends tab?
  • Also same problem in Activity Widget. Some message and some message does not have a comment box. I mean instead of write a comment, can't we have a comment button after like button.

    Hope you answer my both posts :}

  • WOW.....WOW.....GREAT PLUGIN...RUNS...EASY.....YEAAAAHH   ....ok now i must see the german game......WM MASTER of 2010---->>>Germany<<<< Tröööött

  • Hello.

    1)  Why the River Comments Settings  is  empty?

    2) How can I add the comment box to to others function, like The Wire posts, Classifieds posts, and Tidypics photos posts?

  • it's a really good plugin, but I need to refresh the page to see new comments...

  • Hello Pedro Prez

    Nice plugin! Why do comments only appear for certaing discussion topics and not all?

    Enadri: For seeing new comments I'm using the dashboard refresh plugin "autodash".

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa

  • Hello all,

    Thanks for your comments.

    @lisha @jaxcatz @idiotter thanks a lot for your comments, I am glad you like it.

    @omenger the first comment is when you didn't click into the text area yet, when you click there you will see the buttom.

    @Faisal I am working to solve that problem.

    @David Stawowy the river comments settings is empty because there is not setting to configure yet.

    By the other hand to add the comments to another views you should extend that comments view, you should add the following lines for example:

    extend_view('river/object/event_calendar/create', 'river_comments/comments');

    extend_view('river/object/izap_videos/create', 'river_comments/comments');

    extend_view('river/object/album/create', 'river_comments/comments');

    in line 70 in the start.php

    I will release a new version with this automaticaly added ;)

    @enadri do you mean the comments of other users? this will be solved in the new release.

    @Uddhava dasa I did it at porpouse because some discussions should not have a comment because it does not have a preview of what happened, does it make sense to you?


    Regards and thanks again.

  • Hello,

    I found a bug in your plugin. When you enable the plugin RiverFaces 0.3 is added div "comments_feed"  at the top (or bottom) post. You need to add a fixto the plugin "Likes". These two plugins conflict with each other. Here is example:

    image Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    The second issue - Have you forgotten that if you put in a comment on any link with http://, then it is inactive?

  • Thanks Pedro Prez.

    Argentena is leading Group B with 6 points. I hvae crossed my fingers for Argentina to win this World Cup :}

  • it doesn t work proprely with elgg 1.6.1

    i can t see the comment botton

    help me to use it :)

  • Hello,

    For some strange reason, i enabled the plugin, and the commit or submit button stopped appearing. Any ideas why? I'm using the autodash plugin, and it worked for a while.

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa

  • Excellent plugin, many thanks, one thing, wehn i post a comment, at first it just shows "1907", then if i refresh, it shows what I wrote, any ideas??

  • Hello,

    I fixed the problem by moving the plugin to the top of the list. Its working nicely again.

    With Love,
    Uddhava dāsa

  • Thanks for the great plugin Pedro, one problem though, after activating plugin, I cant find the submit or comment button even after clicking inside comment box... help pls. God bless.

  • Great Plugin Pedro...me too facing the same issue in activity widget as reported by Agwalogu

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