Block new group creation v1.0

Release Notes

Files modified:

mods/groups/start.php - line 245

mods/groups/views/default/groups/side_menu.php - line 7

mods/groups/views/default/setting/groups/edit.php - line 22

Language Packs modified:

mods/groups/languages/es.php - line 166

mods/groups/languages/en.php - line 209

  • Looks like a useful little plugin. Checked the screenshot out...the wording is a little confusing :)

    Perhaps something like: "Block new group creation?" would make it clearer. At the moment I'm not sure whether to choose yes or no.

  • Trajan apology for my English level, I'm working on it.

    With this plugin you have the option to hide users the option to create new groups. Why use this plugin? In my case I'm developing a connector between Blackboard LMS and Elgg to create groups automatically, so it is not necessary that users have available the option.


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