Group widgets v1.0

Release Notes

This is the first public release of Group Widgets plugin.

  • Ah sorry, I think I confused you. I should've written:


    I guess, Vazco asked me to hard code it into the Groups' forum_latest.php ( groups/views/default/groups/forum_latest.php) as a workaround . So it is the Groups plugin (which is Elgg's core, I believe).


    Sorry for the touble again.


  • So then there IS a problem with Latest Discussion, right? Does everything else work except Latest Disussion?

    We don't care to modify any of the standard elgg plugins to make another plugin work. Things get too out of control. I'd rather the plugin that we decide to use or buy work without having to mod any elgg code.

    I guess we need to wait till this plugin gets updated. Hope it comes soon, we are under a deadline.

    Mike (vazco), any idea when we'll get this fix?


  • Ron - Yes, there's an issue with Latest Discussions. I believe Vazco will fix it in the next release. Other than Latest Discussions, I don't experience any other issues.

    Hope this helps.



  • Al, thanks. Hope Vazco gets it fixed pronto. Really don't want to mess with changing elgg code expecially since we're so close to 1.7.2. Little changes here and there that moves us away from the standard elgg can bite us later. We always stay stock with elgg and all the plugins so we know who to work with to get something fixed, if not folks have a tendency to blame each other. So, got our fingers crossed this plugin will be fixed pronto so we can meet our deadline.

  • I just uploaded the fixed commercial version, it should work with all Elgg versions and all forum types. You need to delete old version before compying this one to your server.

  • Mike (vazco), You are the BEST. Thank you.

    For all of you that may have followed our prior discussion about licensing, I am very pleased that Mike (vazco) designed a solution that we are most happy with. His company and services are professional. He should be proud.

  • Mike (vazco), I found problems with this commercial plugin...

    1) No Bookmarks display. Even though I have the widget for bookmarks installed, no bookmarks display. The widget title "Bookmarks" does not even display. With all other widgets, if there is nothing to display, there is a line that says "nothing to display". For bookmarks there is not even a title. I tried adding new bookmarks, no display. I tried on 2 different sites, no display. One has lots of bookmarks, but none display. They display fine when using the left menu bar, but nothing displays with widgets.

    2) For Blogs - the whole blog displays, not just a title and link. If I have a long two page blog, the whole thing displays for the widget. It doesn't make sense to have whole blogs displayed on the main group page. It should only be the title of the blogs and link to the blogs, not the whole thing.

    Otherwise things seem to be work ok. But, of course, we can't use it the way it is.

    I'd appreciate you looking intot these.

  • Mike (vazco), are my problems being examined? Any ETA for a fix?

  • Ron, what versions of bookmarks and blogs plugin are you using? Those two widgets are created for a certain version of blogs and bookmarks (since there was no original bookmarks and blogs widgets for groups). We will have to make them compatible with your version.

  • Mike (vazco), whatever comes with 1.7.1 is what we have. Whatever is downloaded from the site when we installed 1.7.1 is what we use. We always use stock plugins. Wouldn't the majority of the people use the same as we do, since it's what comes with 1.7.1 in the first place?

    I'm not sure we want to mess with having to change it every time there is a new version. Still not sure we want to keep it. But, that said, I would sure think you would want it to be compatible with what everyone else is using, right?


  • Ron, those widgets should be compatible with Elgg 1.7 and above. This is a bug that they're not. Since not many people use this plugin, you're the first one that reports this problem. I will try to upload the fix at today's evening.

  • Mike (vazco), OK, then this brings up a good question (I asked before I buy any plugin)  how can we know if a plugin is bug free or not? OK, I don't expect perfection, but I would like any purchase I make for any product of any kind to work with at least the basics. In this case, we don't use any of the plugins that are outside the standard elgg install. All we really wanted was to get was a group widget for the bookmarks and the blogs, that are not offered in the standard group. It was a bonus that other widgets were offered for our future. I can understand having to beta test a "free" plugin, but the reason we buy "commercial" is because we don't have time to test - we pay to have a working product from the start. It's very scary thinking about buying a plugin from any developer that is substantial, like ecommerce, or gifts, forum, karma, etc - something that is a lot more meaty than this a simple group widgets plugin. I can image us having to invest hour after hour testing. We don't have that time. We now bought 2 simple plugin from ya'll, both required fixes before we could use them. OK, I'll stop. It's just frustrating when we have deadlines and the products we purchase don't work as claimed. Anyhow, thanks for looking intot this. I do hope we can get it working, and I do hope that other commercial plugins, by any developer, we may consider (whether or whether not there are lots of users) are tested and bug free.

  • Ron, the plugin was tested in detail on a few configurations. Unfortunately, testers didn't notice problems with two widgets you mentioned (as well as our users). Of course we will fix those problems (the update will be released today). I just want to show you the scale of the work you're getting for the payment you've made.

    This 'simple plugin' already took ~1500$ worth of development time (the actual money we had to pay to the developers, not the money they could earn working on a different project)*. This is the amount of work you're getting for 40$. You're one of 6 people who bought the full version. If not the sponsors who partly funded development, we wouldn't be able to release it.

    We provide support and guarantee that the bugs will be fixed - this is what your payment is funding. The more people buy the plugin, the more time we can spend extending them and making them compatible with all configurations.


    * in compare, vazco_karma and vazco_gifts took 3x less time to develop

  • Btw, before purchase you can always test the plugins on our test server. In the future please let me know and we will upload to the server the plugins you want to purchase.

  • Ron, I just released updated version to Elggdev, it has both bugs you reported corrected.

  • Mike (vazco), believe me I understand where you are coming from. As you know my companies have developed apps since the '70s and I know what costs are associated, and they are high indeed. But it was always OUR decision to do the development and offer it for the price we did, and as you do so professionally, supported the apps. Also, I've been intimately involved with a number of companies and projects over the years in the same boat as the developers are here. It is a hard road to go. Folks are use to getting things for free and most don't offer anything back, so it's hard to charge too much or they complain. I've seen it here often. I'll stop. Just know that I understand your task. I am most happy you do it and wish that you continue to do and will do my best to support it. On the other hand, I hope you understand our task as a customer. We simply want to buy something that works and continues to work. The better it works, the better it is supported, the more we will buy and the more we will tell others to do the same thing. After all, we have costs involved too. Any hours we have to invest in finding bugs cost us out of our pocket. The $40 is tiny compared to the time wasted. It's a two way street.

     I'm really surprised that karma and gifts took 3 times less than this plugin. That's an eye opener.

    And the BEST THING is to learn that before we buy we can test any plugin on your test server. But I have a question -- for example -- since this plugin was tested on your server, but we found problems on our server that it appears you didn't know existed, is this in fact a valid test? We will surely take advantage of your kind offer in the future. In return for your very fine, low product costs, I am will to invest my personal time to test and offer any bug reports.

    I continue to look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. I would like to test some of your other plugins soon, but we'll wait till 1.7.2 is officially released and we have converted our sites, so we can test the present, not the past.

    One last comment. I have been associated with two major companies that have made the very very very very best products for the Macintosh in the world. There was nothing like them and there still isn't. Unfortunately, they companies didn't understand the value of testing and put products to the marketplace that shouldn't have been. They were always fighting trying to keep up, and they were mismanaged. Both companies have gone out of business and their product have disappeared. These are long, painful stories, but the truth. I hope you understand that my comments are for your best interest and I don't want to see your company follow the fate of these others. It's my impression that you are a nice person and you are doing the right thing headed in the right direction. I only want to see you succeed.

  • Mike (vazco), I've installed the new 1.7 version. There still seems to be a bit of problem. We're getting closer.

    I define a widget layout that includes all the standard elgg plugins and videos and pictures, and  including Bookmarks and Blogs. Then a user sets up a new group, but only wants to use the Discussion plugin, no others. What happens is that all the Bookmarks and the Blogs still continue to show in the layout, even though the user doesn't want to use them. All of the other plugins, like pictures, files, videos, etc, do not appear. The Blog and the Bookmarks should not display if they are not picked by the user.

  • Mike (vazco), wil this recent issue be looked in to? We must decide to use this plug in or not within the next few days. Our deadline is upon us. We can not use it as stands. If you don't have time to look at it, I understand, just let me know your plans so we can make our decision here. Thank you.

  • Ron,

    I already looked at this problem at friday, although I couldn't replicate it on Elgg 1.7.1. I admit I didn't have much time on testing. The display mechanism of the blogs and bookmarks widgets don't differ from the display mechanism of other widgets though. Are you sure this problem is not related to some other feature?


    The scenario I tested was:

    1. admin creates a group layout with all widgets

    2. user creates a group and chooses layout with all widgets. At this point all widgets are shown

    3. user edits a group and turns all widgets off, except for discussions (he uses custom layout for this). At this point, all widgets - including blogs and bookmarks - disappear from the group's profile.

    ps. please place bug reports in the plugin's group in the future. We treat those reports as a priority. It usually takes a bit longer for us to answer on reports from

  • Obviously ours doesn't work like yours. I can't see anything that we have that would cause this. Since our deadline is past and we've run out of testing time, we just won't use the plugin. All we really need is widgets for group Bookmarks and Blogs, added to the already available widgets in the standard elgg group plugin. We don't need any other of the features of this plugin. Maybe someone will come up with that eventually or it will be added to the standard elgg group.  Can we get a refund? Or eventually apply it toward some other plugin that we may be able to use?  We won't be using this plugin at all.

  • Ron, since I knew about your deadlie, you can use funds from this plugin to purchase another plugin - just please let me know which one and I'll give you access. Alternatively, I can give you a refund, although I will have to wait for a funds to come to my PayPal account - it usually takes a day or two. Please let me know which option you prefer (please send a message on email, I want to keep this comments related to plugin only as much as possible).

  • Mike (vazco), I will send message. And you may, or anyone, may feel free to delete any seemingly unrelated message to this plugin with my name on them. Thanks.

  • Mike,

    I have a quick question.

    Is there a setting on the demo and / or full version that will allow me to make the 'newest bookmarks' and 'newest blog posts' smaller and more compact in appearance?

    Bascially, I would like all of my widgets to appear in the same format as is currently available in the 'custom_index' pluggin but I would like the flexibility and options available through your pluggin to give me everything else. 

    Is there a setting do this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Driftwork, currently the plugin uses views from original plugin, which guarantees compatibility when the plugin is updated. You can however look at start.php where all widgets and their views are defined and copy the view responsible for bookmarks and views from custom_index to proper view in vazco_groups path.

  • Widget layout does not work for me in firefox



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