Group widgets v1.0

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This is the first public release of Group Widgets plugin.

  • There's nothing wrong with a single site license for software/plugins... IBM have been using that model since the 1950's ;-)

    Vazco probably should have highlighted the single site license within the plugin group pages rather than just the generic terms conditions pages.

    @Ron I'd say for you --> work out a deal with Vazco for good discounts with multiple sites' licensing ;-)

    PS -  wonder if Vazco is using my domain locking style of code from last year lolz ;-X of course he uses obfuscation and base64 to protect the code as do many other plugin authors ;-)

    And.. I have cracked (just for fun) Vazco's encrypted code BUT will NOT offer the cracked code to anyone... you want his PlugIns ? pay him for it.. I have a professional conscience.

  • I belileve you, but it's odd. Our last order was 27.04.2010  and the plugin was not single user then. At least we didn't have to then put in any URL, never saw it in the terms and conditions. Guess it somehow fell through the cracks and why were were so suprised this time around.

    <The plugins can be used on test site and on development sites with no additional costs - only the live sites have to have a separate licence.>

    Isn't the license tied to the URL, and thus, won't work on the test site URL? How does the plugin know it's a test site rather than a real user site?

    We liked our relationship with the first plugin and had grand plans of using many of your other plugins, but it will just be way to costly to have to purchase a license for all the plug-in for every site on a single license basis.

    I'm very sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, I'll have to request a refund. Do you need anything from me to do this. We haven't done any downloads yet.

    Thanks, at least now we know. We'll have to stick to the true open source stuff. Nothing against you, we just don't have the budget. Thanks again.




  • DhrupDeScoop, Of COURSE there is nothing wrong with a single site license. I have no problem with that at all. It's just that not too long ago there wasn't one and we based our plans on that. It's just simply that we were surprised when we ran into it on this most recent purchase cause it wasn't there last time. No problem, I don't disagree with a single site license. It's just not in our budget right now for this project. Maybe later we'll be able to revisit it. For now, we just need to change our plans. No big deal, we'll just go another way. Things change and we understand that.  But, I do think it is a good idea that plugin developers make their customer know what they are buying in plain and simple terms. Don't hide it in the fine print. Post it bold so we know.

  • @Ron

    ":..Post it bold..." yepperz ;-) you know I have not released any PlugIns for a long time.. too busy with other projects, but when I myself do get back to GPL + $Commercial PlugIns -- yes $Paid PlugIns will be locked to single domains BUT very heavy discounts for multiple sites for a single buyer.. why not ? My best customers are the ones I already have and to them I owe *discounts LOLZ..

    PS: I did discuss this single site licensing with Vazco sometime last year before he disappeared and got involved with too much other work to stay in touch...

  • Honestly, I doubt you can legally enforce those provisions. It could seriously be called into question as to whether or not your plugins are a derivative work.

  • @RPGR..

    me.. ? I was just voicing my thots.. please feel to engage an academic (respect to your contributions and etc ) discussion b/c I think I see your good point ;-)

  • @DhrupDeScoop

    I think most support comes in the first time when someone buys anything. Then, any extra sales to the same party is pure gravy. Many industries have multi-item prices. We give free shipping on orders over $40. We offer substantial Customer Appreciation discounts to our customers, sometimes we even offer items for or below our cost. We have a customer rewards program, they earn points they can spend. We're always looking for ways to keep our customers happy and coming back for more.

    In this case, I know we would have invested in a number of other Vazco plugins. I really like the support and products offered. We were a happy customer.

    I am all for developers making a good wage. Like I said, I have no problem with single user licenses. But I think it would be good that they also offer some kind of incentive for multi-site purchases. Don't hide it. Don't make me email or ask for it. Just offer it. For developers it's just extra free cash that's not going to require any support, and most importantly a good customer that will keep coming back for more. And my guess is that most folks will only have one site, so they are only really offering it to their best customers anyway. Don't penalize them for being a good customer, reward them.

    I'm sorry for using the bandwidth here for this discussion. I know it's suppose to be about the Group Widgets plugin, but I do think it's important discussion that can help developers and users understand each other -- or at least understand me (ha!). Feel free to move it someplace if it's getting in the way of the intended discussion here.

  • One of my people brought up something else. Some of our supplies of other apps offer a domain license, we pay once and then we can use it on the domain and all the subdomains associated with that domain. It's usually a little higher cost than a single site license, but it's acceptable. We'd pay for but we can use it on,, etc. That way for the developer it's not an unlimited license, and for the user it's a reasonable cost, all are happy. Of course, we have to rebuy them each major version upgrade, but they all have upgrade prices that are less than new user prices, and that's exceptable and resonable.

  • Ron,

    the licence is tied to URL, though you can safely use the plugin on the test server. Currently our licencing system don't prevent you from using the plugin on different domains, it only informs us on which domains the plugins are used. We plan to monitor websites which use our code and in case plugin is used illegally, inform administrators of the site about the situation. We won't take any action before trying to get to an agreement.


    We didn't think of introducing the domain licence, though this is an idea we can implement. Ron, since it will take us some time to prepare a correct code, I will contact you via PM about the terms of such licence agreement. I think I can offer you terms that will be fair and acceptable.


    We introduced the per-site licence after receiving information about packages of our plugins being offered for a fixed price as a custom development. This is the problem we were addressing.


    The proper licence information was placed on our site in January (even though it works since April), although I admit - we can make it more visible.


    RPG, Elgg is offered on a dual licence. As such, it allows to use any licence for the Elgg-based plugins. Before introducing a new licence we consulted with Curverider. Licence was built by a lawyer.

  • Vazco, Thank you. I am very much interested, not only in this plugin, but others. At a minimum we would purchase 1 site license and 1 domain license for each.

    I completely understand your justification for a site license. I developed my first software app in 1975 and have been around the block with this kind of thing a thousand times since. You must make money and you must protect yourself, or you won't be around to help us.

    To date myself, -- a few weeks ago I ran across a You Tube video that a local video producer put up, but I didn't know he did. It was one of my commercials for my computer stores a long time ago.  They tell me it appeared on Nightline a few years back. Anyhow, it's crazy, it's gotten over 139,000 views. People seem to get a kick out of it -- don't laugh too loud. Here it is, enjoy,

    I look forward to your PM about the domain license.


  • Hi,

    I just installed the free version.  I can move widgets around in edit mode but when I save the group page it reverts back to its original state as if I didn't have the plugin installed at all.. I tried 3 widgets and I tried just one widget but whatever I do it doesn't seem to accept a custom layout.  Something simple I hope?

  • MontanaMike, don't know if it has anything to do with it, but where do you have the plugin placed? Here's the instructions..s

    • place plugin below groups plugin
    • in case you use profile_manager or forms plugin, place vazco_groups below those plugins

    Just a thought.

  • Mike (vazco), 

    Don't want to be pushy, surely you are busy, but I'd like you to know we're waiting for you to PM me to see what kind of deal you offer for the domain license before we make the final decision to move forward with this plugin or not. We're in a holding pattern until we hear from you and we're approaching some deadlines here. Thank you, in advance.

  • Ron, I sent you a message yesterday, it must have been returned. I will resend it now.


    Montana, what version of Elgg are you using? Do you have any javascript bugs on your website? (you can check it with console in firebug in case you use firefox)

  • Ron

    I've placed it at the very end of the list.  Still no go.

  • Vazco, I am still having an issue with "Latest Discussions". I don't know what I did wrong.

    I added "Latest Discussions" into the Group Layout and assign this group layout to Group A. This will then get displayed on the Group A page, but the layout is listing all the latest discussions from the whole site groups (Group A, B, C etc). Furthermore, when you click on each individual post, it doesn't understand how to get the GUID, so the URL of the post is: . As a result, when you click on the post link, this redirects yout to the site's homepage (

    I am the owner of a paid version and have downloaded and installed the latest version (1.5).

    Any help will be much appreciated.



  • +1 to Mike. The plugin doesn't seem to save positions of or display any of the widgets. Is there anything it needs to be ABOVE in the tools list? Could another plugin be interfering with it? I'm on Elgg 1.6

  • I would love to get this working. I'm having big problems with permissions in the built-in groups display, and I could really use the features in this. Plugins I have enabled beyond the basic Elgg plugins:

    • event calendar
    • kaltura_video 
    • mass_mailouts
    • openid_client
    • userpoints 
    • userpoints_standard 
    • vazco_mainpage 
    • simple_login
    • bottom_bar 
    • identica
    • microbloggingservice
    • error_pages 
    • groupmembers
    • tips
    • sitemap
    • uncaptcha 
    • vazco_topbar
    • tidypics 
    • izap_videos
  • @Julie, you're probably using the free version of the plugin. This plugin had compatibility issues with Elgg 1.6, which were removed already in the commercial version. I will have to upload the new GPL version soon - it will fix this problem. You can test the plugin on our test server:

    login: vazco

    password: testsite

    (server's data is restarted every hour, you may have to enable plugin in administration)



    @sevenx: please add the following code to your groups/views/default/groups/forum_latest.php, to line 7, after if($vars['entity']->forum_enable != 'no'){:

    $vars['entity'] = page_owner_entity();


    This should fix the problem on your install. We will release the version that overwrites the group forum widget soon, we still have to test it for compatibility with all Elgg versions.

  • After designing a custom layout, I can't get the layout to display in Elgg 1.7.  I'm interested in purchasing the full version, but I want to make sure there is no compatablility issues first.

  • Vazco, You said ... "This should fix the problem on your install. We will release the version that overwrites the group forum widget soon, we still have to test it for compatibility with all Elgg versions."

    We haven't installed ours yet, is there a problem we need to be aware of? I see sevenx mentioned "Latest Discussion" but your reply was about the "group forum" widget?.  It's a little confusing as to what the problem is. We won't install until things are working right. Thanks.

  • @Ron I followed Vazco's suggestion and the issue resolved. The current Vazco's Group Widgets plugin doesn't overwrite Group Forum plugin. That's why,  I guess, Vazco asked me to hard code it into the Group Forum's forum_latest.php as a workaround . My Latest Discussion works fine now :-) 

  • Sevenx, thank you. So, may I assume it's the Vazco Group Forum you are referring to, correct? Then, if we are not using the Group Forum there is no issues? I don't "think" there is another Group Forum, is there? Or am I not undestanding?

  • Oh, wait. I don't see that there is a Vazdo Group Forum, there's on the Site Forum. Now I am confused more. What Group Forum are you referring to? Thanks.

  • Thank you! I look forward to the update to the free plugin...

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