Group widgets v1.0

Release Notes

This is the first public release of Group Widgets plugin.

  • The discussion about commercial plugins is moved to this page, I've pasted all the posts there. Please comment only the plugin itself here.

  • Yet again another outstanding mod from Mike.

  • Hi Vazco,

    I saved a layout (Layout 1) and applied this to a group and it worked fine. Then, I decided to make some changes on Layout 1, but when I got back to Administration > All group layouts > Layout 1 - this layout doesn't have any widgets assigned to Top Column, Left Widgets, and Right Widgets fields. It doesn't seem to save Layout 1 that I just created.

    Then, I decided to disable this plugin, but when I do that, Layout 1 becomes the default of all the group's layout. This happens even though the Group Widget plugin was disabled! It seems to me the Layout 1 stuck as the default layout of all groups. Just to make thing more confusing, I re enabled the plugin and now the Layout 1 has disappeared and no longer the default.

    Do you know what seems to trigger this behavior? I am using Elgg 1.7.1



  • Re Al. <Do you know what seems to trigger this behavior? I am using Elgg 1.7.1>

    Was getting ready to buy this plugin - does the "for purchase" version have this same problem? Can't afford to have any errors. Does anyone have any experience with the "for purchase" version? Is it clean and bug-free for elgg 1.7.1? 

  • Ron,

    this issue was already taken care for, we will release a fixed full version at monday. The issue is related to a specific Elgg condiguration. Full version of this plugin had three releases already. Soon we plan to release a fixed GPL version as Wells.

  • Vazco,  Thank you. Then I'll wait till Monday to buy the full version. How will I know I'm buying the newest version with the fix? What version # will it be?

  • Ron,

    the new commerial version of the plugin is already on It's version 1.3 and it contains a few bugfixes and improvements. It should be bug free - it's used on three portals on production already. Should you find any bugs though, please report them on plugin's group forum and we'll remove them as soon as possible.

  • Vazco,

    Thank you very much. I'll get my order in asap. You know me, if I find any problems, you'll be the first to know.

  • Thank you. This plugin fixed problem(s?) I was having with profile_manager. I couldn't save new groups. Now I can have a group with multiple custom drop downs, and it will save & is usable.  (the silver lining is that I now have debugging working under xampp/eclipse/PHP w/ Xdebug. Now I just have to figure out how to use a custom user field to filter the groups s/he can join.)  This is a big step forward.

  • Hi Vasco,

    I purchased the commercial plugin and I am having this problem below:

    I added "Events", "Latest Discussions" and "Pictures" into the newly created layout. However, it is only "Latest Discussion" that get displayed. If I removed "Latest Discussions", then only "Pictures" that get displayed on the page. "Events" seems cannot be displayed to the page at all and I can't add more than one widget to the page. Any ideas? I am using simpleblue theme.

    Also, do you have any plan to add "Group River" plugin to this Group Widget?



  • Revision:

    >> I can't add more than one widget to the page.

    I could add more than one widgets into the Layout and save it, but only one widget appears on the group page.

  • Sevenx, the problem you're experiencing is probably with the calendar widget. We use custom calendar plugin (rebuilt by us) on sites we create, probably the widget don't work correctly on your site with one of the versions of event_calendar written by Kevin. If it's possible, you can send your site's FTP login details and login to admin account to and we will debug the problem on your site.

    Alternatively we can debug it on our servers, though it will probably take more time.

  • @Mike (vazco) I sent you the login details to . Thanks.

  • Vazco,

    About to place order for this today then I noticed something I thought I better ask about first. I looked at the Supported Widgets list you offer but I don't see "Group Discussion" and "Group Blog" are these not supported widgets? They are part of the standard elgg install, but I don't see them on your list.

  • Ron, group discussions are supported. Blogs are not supported, since in the last stable release they were not supported by groups. Any widget can be easily added to groups though.

  • Vazco, I'm confused. We are using 1.7.1. Group blogs are there and working fine. Isn't 1.7.1 the last stable release? Are you saying Group blogs going way??

  • Vazco, Thought I was losing my mind, so I just went to double check. All of our groups have blogs. And when I start a new group it asks, "Enable Blog (yes, no)". We are using 1.7.1 which I assume is the most current stable release. What the story? I remain confused.

  • Ron, on my install of Elgg 1.7.1 there are no group blogs, though probably I have an older blog plugin, or my code is modified. I will re-install Elgg 1.7.1 and we will add blogs to group widgets.

  • Vazco, it would be a problem for us if blogs were removed from groups. When you mentioned this I found it strange that elgg would remove an important feature like that without any notice. Anyhow, would you let me know when this plugin is compatible with 1.7.1 and we're ready to buy it. Thank you.

  • Ron, we've just uploaded the commercial version of this plugin that supports blogs. You were right - group blogs were supported in Elgg 1.7. Widgets for group blogs weren't supported, that's why we didn't notice this functionality earlier.


    This plugin is fully comatible with Elgg 1.7.1.

  • Vazco, Thank you. Yes, that is correct and either is widgets for group bookmarks, although group bookmarks are supported. I found that strange, but the reason we are buying your plugin. It's makes groups better and we thank you. Will get the order in asap. 

    Just one last note, I questioned above if group discussions were supported, you said yes. I don't believe that is mentioned in your online sales documentation, or at least it wasn't when I looked. You might want to update that to include both discussions and blogs. Thanks again.

  • Vazco, We've got a bit of a problem. I'm discussing it here rather than through email cause I think others should be aware. In short, I had no idea that your plugins now are only for a single site. There was no indication on the website of such until I made the purchase and had access to the group. Here's what I found ...

    1) I went to your purchase page ( I don't see any place on that page where there is a discussion of single site license. I added the item to the cart. I had to then sign into my account that was already established becasue I had made a previous purchase of another plug. There still was no mention of a single site license. And there is no mention of it on the order form.

    2) I completed the purchase.

    3) I came back to download the plug-in and low and behold I was surprised I had to enter an URL to use the plug-in on before I could download it.

    4) I have not downloaded it nor entered a URL as of yet because...

    a) We now have 2 sites - which is fine and I don't mind paying for 2 sites.

    b) But, we also have a test site. That test site will not be used by consumers, but we would never install any plugin without first testing it. Therefore, we will have to buy a 3rd license just to test it. I know we could test the free version of this plugin, but I'm always reading that the free version is not the same as the paid version, so our tests would be a waste of time on the free version when we need the paid version.

    c) Eventually we will open many more sites, and since it appears you don't have a multi-site license that discounts future sites, this could become quite costly for us... so much that we probably wouldn't want to use it in the first place.

    I'd like your reply here so we can decide if we want to move forward with this or request a refund.  We really would not like to have to buy a license for our test site, but we need to test the paid version. And, over the long run, we would not like to have to pay a single user price for a multi-site use.

    Final note, I do not remember having to go through all this when we purchased the Group Moderation plugin. Is all of your plugins now only for a single site, or just some of them? And, I think it would be useful if you made it COMPLETELY OBVIOUS on the home page for any plug that it is a single-site plugin so that purchasers are not surprised when the buy it. We were surprised.

    I respectfully request your reply so we can decide what we are going to do next. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate your hard work, but honestly this was a big suprise for us.


  • Ron,

    all the plugins offered on Elggdev are on a single site licence since 22.04.2010. We placed the info about the licence of the plugins in terms and conditions that have to be accepted before registering to Elggdev. The link to the licence is also in manifest.xml. We will place the proper info on purchase page as well to make it clearer for customers and we will start information campaign.

    The plugins can be used on test site and on development sites with no additional costs - only the live sites have to have a separate licence.

    We are currently implementing the site licence support module, it's still being reworked. We will certainly focus on making the licence information more accessible and clearer and on module to be more user friendly.


    I can offer you a full refund for the plugin in case you don't want to use the plugin on a single site licence. In the future we may offer discount for buying more than one licence (you can contact me at email to discuss  discount in case you want to buy more than one licence), though currently we don't plan to offer the licence for unlimited number of sites.

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