Release Notes

Changes August 18th, 2010

  • Fix issue with ie
  • Add an alert sound when receiving a new message

August 9th, 2010

  • cooked js doesn't cook tokens or languages (separated now to another file)
  • db data now can be set from the admin panel
  • users can disable the chat in their settings
  • migrate.php added that will make the initial sync
  • make the get roster js action asynchronous
  • fix buddy list issue when reloading page
  • fix security issues (XSS)
  • works on Elgg 1.6 and 1.7
  • user profile picture appears in chat box
  • I run the plugin on Windows Server 2003.

    I followed the guide and made some changes in configuration files.

    The changes were:


    File ejabberd.cfg


    {auth_method, external}.

    {extauth_program, "c: \\ejabberd\\conf\\"}.


    {auth_method, external}.

    {extauth_program, "c:\\xampp\\perl\\bin\\perl.exe c:\\ejabberd\\conf\\"}.

    and comment module mod_ctlextra.



    Comment or delete the lines related to logging.


    The rest remained the same as the installation guide.


  • Yo Tengo un windows 7 con Xampp como servidor, es decir nada de linux, en mi localhost se ve el caht pero no se ve a nadie conectado, y ademas siempre aparece: desconectando .......


    Cual es el problema, las motificaciones que indicas arriba no las encuentro, por ejemplo donde esta

    File ejabberd.cfg


    {auth_method, external}.

    {extauth_program, "c: \\ejabberd\\conf\\"}.


    No lo encuentro por ningun lado, yo solo tengo una carpeta htdoc donde coloque todo el pquete elgg,  luego entro al navegador localhost/elgg y me carga la pagina, pero el char siempre se ve desconectando..


    Gracias de antemano

  • Help please.

    If I haven't got a server in Localhost,

    If my web is in a hosting.

    Can I install this plugin?


    In spanish

    Una pregunta a ver si alguien me puede contestar.

    Si yo no tengo Localhost, sino que lo tengo en un servidor,

    ¿Puedo instar este plugin? o depende del servicio de hosting.

  • for all you spanish speakers out there, please type in ENGLISH! we can't help you if you don't type in english! i'm sorry but i'm annoyed when people type in other language than english. it frustrates me when i can't understand another language.

  • @lucia, I also ran on Windows 7.  First follow the installation guide

    Obs: The windows' file ejabberd.cfg is different to the linux's installation guide files. Compare line by line and make the necessary changes without modifying the Windows format and the configuration paths.

    After change the ejabberd.cfg and according to the my previous comment.

  • @cim, jello, I understand you.

    I only said that I don't know how I can install this plugin.

    I want to install it, but I don't know if I can install it or I tell to my hosting that they install anything.

    I have ARVIXE.


  • What I write in the configuration option that gives me when I enable the plugin?


  • @gastre It need to be install on host and I think no host provider will install on your request, you need dedicated or vps account to install this, I already tried this pluggin but found conflict with friends request plugin, please let me know if anybody else found same conflict.

    @Lucia This plugin is not an easy plugin as other plugins it need more hard work to install it.


  • ghumanz, thank you very much. regards.

  • @ghumanzI did not find any compatibility problem with the plugin friend request.

  • Thanks Leo I found that comflict on windows but now I am on linux , I will try this with elgg 1.8 

  • @ghumanz, I am using windows too. There is no problem.

  • I think I have managed to fix the friend _request issue - change line 29 & 30 in start.php to :

            register_plugin_hook('action', 'friend_request/actions/friends/add', 'beechat_xmpp_add_friend');
            register_plugin_hook('action', 'friend_request/actions/friends/removefriend', 'beechat_xmpp_remove_friend');


    The friend request plugin is overiding the friend/add action so you need to trigger the beechat functions on the friend_request actions instead.

    Let me know if this works for you.


  • you cannot install this plugin using shared hosting guys, you need a vps or dedicated server for more flexible control over your server

  • hmm, the screen shot is really promising:) this is really great..

    i am just wondering if it is possible to install ejabbered in vps while the elgg installation in a shared hosting?

    the reason i ask is i have already installed elgg to my shared hosting but i lack this great feature.


  • It is not working on my website. I enabled the plugin and ran upgrade.php

    It showed a bottombar. But, I couldn't chat with friends who where online. Someone help?/

  • @Zenin your answer is in comments obove , please try to ready all comments properly and you will find your answer.

  • Hi,

    I have installed the mod enabled. DB created with the SQL Script in Resources folder of mode ... mode Settings done ... ??? but not getting this ejabbered thing bit confusing how to do ...

  • hola disculpen pero e descargado el servidoe ejjabberd para windows e activado el plugin del chat pero nada que datos debo poner en las configuraciones del plugin y que datos debo poner en por favor respondannnnnnnnn

  • por favor mi servidor de ejjaberd esta instalado en localhost:5280

  • que datos debo poner en las configuraciones del plugin y que datos debo poner en por favor respondannnnnnnnn

  • Everthing configured but still no sucess ! Bar at bottom is Displayed but when Clicked nithing happens !

  • I am on ubuntu and the apt-get install works fine, infact I have jabberd running, however, jabber does not support .cfg files, only .xml - can you offer any direction on getting this working on ubuntu?

    OS: Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit

    Elgg: 1.7.7

    Jabber: jabber 1.6 something. apt-get installed.

  • Works fine after i rewrote the script converting from Perl to PHP and solving some issues in IE and http-bind server.


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