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Default & Locked Widgets, Custom Widget Titles & Links

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Finally, a very easy way to set both default and locked widgets for your users! Just fill out your profile and dashboard as the normal main administrator. New users will automatically get all of those widgets, including any individual widget settings!

Widgets marked as locked will be uneditable and immovable from the columns they are in, while widgets marked as suggested can be removed or changed as desired. Users still have the ability to add new widgets onto their pages!

If you want to make changes as the admin, just click the update users link when you are done, and all of the locked widgets will be updated for all users (suggested ones will not, just in case someone edited or removed them).

The second half of this addon is the ability to override the titles and set title links for any widget.

Install / Upgrade: Upload unzipped folder to your mod directory; enable from Tools Administration page. Settings include changing the GUID of the source administrator user, and whether titles and links can be edited by everyone, or just administrators (cloned widgets still maintain their overrides).

John Jakubowski (c) 2010 Xeno Media, Inc.


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