Group Access v1.2.0

Release Notes


  • Add the line 

trigger_plugin_hook('access', 'group', array('group' => $group));

in file elgg_root_dir/mod/groups/actions/edit.php after the line 100 with the contents


This is part of the solution for the problem of viewing permission for groups not yet approved.



  • 1.7.x


  • The script migrate.php handles all groups created before the installation of the plugin groupaccess or groups of previous versions.
  • Leo, other minor and maybe bug, if i disabled a group already with members and if i create a object (discussion, file, page, blog, bookmarks) the notification is sended but i thought a group moderation is only for the first time and not being playing with disabled or enabled a group; i already had a great fight to change the format of the notifications without touch the core, i did it with the creation but still trying to do with the annotations.

  • @Melvyn Gómez, this is not a bug. The idea is to notify the owner when the group has inappropriate content and give the owner a chance to remove the inappropriate content. But if you want the notification is sent only the first time, use a metadata in the function accept () and disable () [ControlPermission class] to check whether or not the first time the group has been activated. There is an example of using metadata (functions create_metadata and get_metadata_byname) in the script mod/groupaccess/migrate.php.

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