Group Access v1.1.0

Release Notes

Release notes:


  • Add the line 

trigger_plugin_hook('access', 'group', array('group' => $group));

in file elgg_root_dir/mod/groups/actions/edit.php after the line 100 with the contents


This is part of the solution for the problem of viewing permission for groups not yet approved.



  • 1.7.x


  • Logic forces admin to notify user before deleting a group.
  • Better design.
  • hello Leo; there is a best way to fix that problem about the permission for groups not yet approved; without change the code in the original groups plugin??

  • @Melvyn GómezI think that this is the best solution. Is a good pratice trigger hooks inside actions to extend them.

    The problem is in visibility of groups in file mod/views/default/forms/groups/edit.php between lines 69 and 91. If you find another elegant solution, please publish it. Thanks. 


  • ohh ok; i will try to do a best solution; btw you already test in 1.7.6?? i'm trying and getting a error in the file groups/actions/edit.php, is not processing the file; following your warning of course.

  • @Melvyn Gómez, I tested the plugin in version 1.7.6 and everything is ok. There is no error. 

    The changes in file groups/actions/edit.php is in bold in the follwing passage:



    trigger_plugin_hook('access', 'group', array('group' => $group)); // add this line

    // group creator needs to be member of new group

    if ($new_group_flag) {


    add_to_river('river/group/create', 'create', $user->guid, $group->guid);



  • hi Leo; yeap it works thank you, i did try this:

    1- with a normal user create a group, is ok

    2- with a admin user go to the tab Groups waiting activation and disable, next go to the tab Group disabled and click in Active

    3- with the admin user i can see the new group in Newest but with the owner of the group still say "This group is waiting to be accepted by a moderator. It is currently available only for you."

    4- with other user i can't see the group but with admin user in the tab Groups activated appears the group but really is only visible for the admin and owner

    This is a bug?

    If i do try the other way it works, create a group with a normal user and next with the admin go to the tab Groups waiting activation and Active, is visible for all users.

  • other question Leo; what about if i already have a lot of groups; the new groups will have the status group_created while they are waiting to be activated but too the old groups have this status group_created, so if i go to the old groups (without the metadata GROUP_STATE) the condition if (!$groupAccess->isAccepted()) always will be true, any idea in this case??

  • This is a bug, Melvyn. The problem is in function updateAccess() in class Desactivated. The metadata GROUP_VISIBILITY loses it value when admin disable the group in tab "Groups waiting activation". The solution is in version 1.1.1. Thanks for related the bug.

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