Google Tools v1.4

  • How is this PlugIn different from the mimic'ed ?  ?? which came first - the chicken or the egg ? except for the 'customizations' of folder, file, variable names LOLZ ;-P nothing else there seems to be *any different ? but how will a sincere user know the difference ?


  • Liang Lee has a habit of copying other devs plugins, making small (or no) changes, and releasing them as his own without any sort of effort to collaborate with the original devs.

  • ;-oO;X;P weelll - primary changes look like :- profuse non-lexical additional tags 'MisterLeeDoneThis'; dependence on the 'MisterLeeDoneThis' Framework - which adds 'MisterLeeDoneThis' trademark on sacred divs and.. there's one born every minute.  And so do we need a 'DhrupDeScoopGoogleTools' as well ++ the DhrupDescoopFramework tee hee ?

  • @DhrupDeScoop brother there is so much diffrence in my and Evan's Plugin Use you mind and check.

    My Plugin Did not support but :

    • Embed +1 buttons and plus-badges wherever you want with provided views.
    • Registers google maps js api (google.maps)
    • Registers google jsapi client (gapi.client)
    • Registers google js loader (google.load)
    • Support for tracking multiple subdomains
  • @Evan Winslow which code i copied from you plugin brother? , This is really Disgrace for me on community.

  • @DhrupDeScoop Cash already said Don't fight on community, if you have problem with me plugins please find another place and send me link of that place, 

  • @brother Evan:

    -- unix Diff Code outputs -- might save you some time ;-oO


  • wow, he embeds his name in everything... That's a good programmer practice...

  • bye the way i don't wan't to fight with you Dhrup if you still wan't i need to ask to Cash for this if he allow me i will.......

  • Evan, Great contribution.

    My Votes :(Integrated)

    1.Google Calendar embedding

    2. GDrive

    3. Task Mgmnt


  • @ Liang lee 里昂 李 : you must remember that it is not important what they say about you but who say that! I can proudly say that you bring to us elgg users a lot of very usefull plugins and to give support to all users of yours plugins and moreover for each plugin and for each user. Which is not usually the case with the majority of developers here, who just published a plugin, two answers to three questions, one that they feel comfortable and be lost in the form of fog. And so we have a bunch of plugins that are not updated, no answering questions and stuff. Does not matter who is using whose codes because they do not forget that everything here is under the GNU General Public License, that is open source. Half of published plugins should not even be that developers do not use someone else's plugin as a base for their own. It is also the sense of the whole project. Progress. What will our nearly 50% of all plugins here when they are incompatible with the new version of Elgg's, incompatible with the new browsers, outdated and unnecessary. Luckily they exist at that developers use custom plugins others to make them for improved, adapted, merged with other plugins, etc. .. So it is absolute nonsense to say in such a public place, someone that is fake or a thief we know that these same people spend hours and days and weeks and nonsleeping nights to  ensure that we have for FREE the latest plugins and scripts to our site were in trend and alongside many professional mega portals like Facebook, and Google+ etc. Their salary is customer satisfaction and love of programming. Because it is a nice feeling when you know you've created something that will be useful and help thousands of people around the world who do not even know. And while we're at Liang Li, many to shame with their children's gadgets towards its functional, useful and necessary programs. Congratulations to those who write programs from scratch, but they also have finished modules that they use for their scripts. Many greetings from Croatia, a small country in reality but  large in our virtual world;)

  • I installed this plugin but didn't see all this features in the admin settings page only the analytics and webmaster verification tools. I also see this error when i activated the plugin on elgg 1.8.12 

    "WARNING: Deprecated in 1.8: The metatags view has been deprecated. Extend page/elements/head instead Called from [#13] /home/mycolleg/public_html/engine/lib/views.php:491"

    at the top of every page with the value changing (i.e,#13) when i navigate to different page.Any idea what the solution might be?

  • Sorry that warning wasn't from the plugin but i still can't see the listed features on the plugin yet!

Evan Winslow

Software Engineer at Google. Elgg enthusiast. I wrote the Javascript and CSS frameworks for 1.8.


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