Translation Manager (xlatmgr) v0.83

Release Notes

This is a release with a major bug fix.  Custom translations are now loaded during the system 'plugins_boot' phase, so that they will be available to the plugins during their 'init' phase.

Special thanks to @tunist for reporting various problems caused by this bug.

  • I like this but once i have created a new translation say ms how do i let users set this.


    In settings page it does not appear. Can we call elgg site to load with a particular language

  • Currently, you would need to make sure that there is at least some translation in the language you want, using the regular mechanism.  That means, for example, a languages/ms.php file that calls add_translation('ms', ...) in an enabled plugin.

    I'll work on a fix for this problem.

  • Active custom translations managed by xlatmgr should automatically show up as language choices in user/site settings, as of release 0.84 of xlatmgr.  Thanks to @M.C.Sajiv for reporting the issue.


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  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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