Likes/Dislikes Bundle v1.1 (Updated)

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Adds Likes / Dislikes to even more plug-ins, saves you the work of coding them.

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This plug-in will add the Like / Dislike feature to various other plug-ins. Saving you the work of coding everything yourself in each plug-in you'd like. We at ACM have covered a wide variety of some of the most used plug-ins (in our opinion) and added the Like / Dislike feature to each, which you may enable or disable.

Plug-ins Featured:

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Updates to expect in Next Release:

Hopefully a better looking interface. And we'll be adding plenty more likes / dislikes. Please submit your feature requests and we'll add them into the next release. E-mail notifications will hopefully be implemented as well. Also we'd like to add various plug-ins like video and more and make things more automatic. Just upload the plug-ins and then that's it you don't have to do anything with setup.


Looking for anyone who wants to team up with us on this one. And tell us which plug-ins you'd like added as well. We want to cover a wide range of them!


Original Developers: - Dislikes - Mood 1.7 - Likes


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