Omni_Inviter for 1.7.1 1.0b4 v1.0b4

Release Notes




* Unzip the file to the elgg/mods/ directory.


* Go to your Elgg tools administration section, find the new tool, and 

 enable it.


* Enable the invitation methods you want your users to see.  Some of

 these tools require additional configuration and setup, so be

 sure to click any [Settings] links you see next to the methods.


* OpenInviter configuration is more complicated.  As per OpenInviter's

 Terms of Service, their software cannot be bundled and redistributed

 with Omni Inviter; You must download and install it yourself.

 Below is a rough guideline of how to do this:

   * Register at and download the "General" package.

* Uncompress the download into 


 Note the capitalization!!

 As of this release, changing to the vendor directory and 

 extracting the contents of the downloaded bundle will 

 create the correct directory structure.


 (If you get a message saying OpenInviter is not correctly 

 configured but the files exist, you may have to change

 permissions on the new directory by saying:

   find -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

   find -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

 in the vendor/ directory.)

* Do NOT run postinstall.php.      

* Remove mod/omni_inviter/methods/openinviter/vendor/OpenInviter/postinstall.php

* Configure the OpenInviter settings in Elgg's Tools 

 administration section.

* If you are using the Twitter Feed plugin for Elgg you

 must remove the plugins/twitter.php file from Open




* Omni Inviter *requires* a correctly configured, functioning

 cron!  If you don't have cron configured, invitations will

 not be sent automatically!


* The defaults for the messages should be a good start for most.  

 Be sure to edit your privacy policy!


* Set a reasonable rate limit for messages.  Remember this needs to be

 reasonable for you, your potential users, and any web services 

 between the two.  If you plan to use a plugin that connects to 3rd

 party sites (like OpenInviter) this shouldn't be much higher than

 50 messages every 15 minutes.


* Read up on the variables you can use in the messages.





* Users will find a new configurable tool available that to configure

 what information they receive when a user they invited joins.



** USE **


* Users will see an "Invite Users" link when they are looking at

 their list of friends or in the site-wide search.  


* The Omni Inviter widget can be enabled for either dashboard

 or profile views.




* You can link directly to a method by saying:

 e.g. for the friend method: .../invite?method=friend


* It's probably a good idea to turn off the default inviter mod.

 While having both enabled will not cause problems, it will be

 confusing for users.

  • When I selected "Friends from other E-mail and Social Networking sites", I got this:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class facebook in /public_html/mod/omni_inviter/methods/openinviter/vendor/OpenInviter/plugins/facebook.plg.php on line 256

  • @KLC You need to follow the directions on installing OpenInviter as is can not be distributed with this plugin.

  • @midkniht Great! Thanks for your contribution.  Thanks to Brett too for starting this plugin.

  • Midkniht, it's very usefull modification, thank you for posting. We're working on rebuilding omni_inviter plugin for a client as well and we'll release it to the community in case our client aggrees to.

    One remark - I think it could be better for visibility and sustainability to keep all future releases in original omni_inviter project. I think Brett would be glad to upload the plugin and include you as a contributor - this way people would be less confused about multiple releases. This is how profile_manager and tidypics plugins were developed and it worked quite well.

  • @vazco I am more interested in the bugs being fixed, but if Brett wishes to add me then so be it, but I currently do not develop on this at all and am still using my oz_inviter until it dies.

  • Hi bman :)

    I wonder and am curious to know why you said in Release notes - "OpenInviter is not free software.  It not released under the GPL, nor any other recognized license."

    As it states clearly in their official website ( as :

    OpenInviterTM is totally free and open-source solution. You can download it, change it, write plugins for it. Everything for free. What are you waiting for? Grab your OpenInviterTM today! Go to the Download section now!


    HaPPy ElGGInG :)

    Do GooD :)

    "As we enjoy great advantages from inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.”

    - Benjamin Franklin

  • Hi bman :0

    Im getting this error when I try to import friends from other social networking and email sites

    Fatal error: Class 'yahoo.plg' not found in /home/adhithi/public_html/mod/omni_inviter/methods/openinviter/openinviter_class.php on line 65

    gets the same with GMail also...

    adhithi - is the name of my site

    Can someone tell me what Im doing wrong here :(

    is it the cron! ?? " If you don't have cron configured, invitations will not be sent automatically! "

    But its not the invitations not being sent problem, Im nt even getting to it...

    Can someone help me pleasseeeeeeeeeeee :(


    HaPPy ElGGinG

    Do GooD :)

  • @jaxcatz

    First off everything that costs no money up front is not nessessarily free, your time to keep this working is included and should be factored into decisions to use this.

    This is not FREE software based on the and if you base off this functionality and assume it will stay free then you havent read their terms of service in particular this clause.  This company could just as easily be bought and shut down just like Octazen was.

    Please read the information above and on their site in its entirety, as issues like this are not related to this plugin, but to their site.

    The errors you are experiencing likely relate to the fact that these scripts need constant updates as they are strictly scraping these sites for the login forms and contacts and you would have to update them manually from them or fix the scraping code yourself.


    Our service is offered to you free of charge, except for the autoupdate service. We reserve the right to add, change, modify, remove, or discontinue any such free service at any time, without notice to you. You must become a Registered User to use our free services.



    You acknowledge and agree that all content on the service is protected by copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and/or other proprietary rights, and that these rights are valid and protected in all media, technologies, and other formats now existing or later developed, throughout the universe. All content on the website is copyrighted as a collective work under the U.S. copyright laws, and we own a copyright in the selection, coordination, arrangement, and enhancement of all such content. Our name and logo are our trademarks. All other trademarks appearing on the website are trademarks of their respective owners.


    You may not post, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information from this website without obtaining the prior written consent of us or any other owner of such rights.

  • @BMan ;-)

    thank you very much for pointing this out.. interesting twist on OpenInviter - if they decide to dump everyone ;-( I was trying to help out JaxCatz via emails, but your note re:O/I makes me think that perhaps we need to re-think and code our own nouveau Inviter PlugIn for Elgg...;-O

  • There needs to be a GPL version of a inviter badly, Octazon was a great product that has ended due to purchase by Facebook (likely to prevent further competition).  OpenInviter is not updated as quickly as Octazon but it could easily go the same way. 

    The problem comes down to these sites do NOT want you to do this.  They don't intend to make it easy for users to switch services or bring your friends with you.  So the only way to do this is by scraping and its not likely your going to find anyone willing to do the work to keep this constantly working without pay.  Scraping is never the right way to go, API's is.  The first thing that would be useful to Elgg would be to lead in this and create API's to make it easier to take your friends between elgg sites and other sites.  Then maybe we would be in a better place to talk shit about why they don't care about what their users WANT.  A true federated system which is due in Elgg 1.9 would likely help this alot, but it goes deeper, just making it easy to get the data is only a piece of the puzzle.  You need easy ways to use and control access on the data as well.

    These are problems most open social systems are struggling with and Inviting is a function that all sites that are intending to grow will need.

  • Hi I dont know what i am doing wrong. I have elgg 1.7.1 and installed your plugin as you said, now what happens is when i go to friends and click on invite friends i get the page for your plugin and under the "Friends using their email addresses" write under the add user button i have "<undefined> [Delete]" couldn't track it down.

    Moreover, when i go for "Friends from other social networking sites... " I get the error "There is an error with the method you selected. Please select a different one." Now according to the previous comments i have removed the twitter plugin from the openinviter directory and also have the elgg twitter modules all disabled. No idea what's happening. any suggestions would be helpful.


    Thanks :)

  • Ok figured out the '<undefined> [Delete]' apparently the bottom bar chat module is not compatible.. but it still doesnt solve the second error :S please help

  • can you please help me im getting this error on everything from gmail to facebook

    Fatal error: Class 'gmail.plg' not found in /mod/omni_inviter/methods/openinviter/openinviter_class.php on line 65

    what is it that i have to do to fix this :)

  • @marzoni  that issue is with openinviter, not this plugin.  Your openinviter install didn't go well it sounds like.  May want to follow the install instructions a little closer.

  • @marzoni @jaxcatz : The class names in latest version of OpenInviter are just 'gmail' and 'yahoo' & not 'gmail.plg' and 'yahoo.plg',  i.e class names are not ending in .plg. May be that was the case in earlier versions. To fix this, edit line 64 in /mod/omni_inviter/methods/openinviter/openinviter_class.php : 

    $plugin_class = strstr($plugin_name, '.plg', true);

    if (!class_exists($plugin_class)) include_once($this->openinviter_root . "/plugins/{$plugin_name}.php");

    $this->plugin=new $plugin_class();


    @bman : Some other edits which I did were


    1. Comment out line 47 in /mod/omni_inviter/methods/openinviter/openinviter_class.php
    2. Change line 316 in mod/omni_inviter/methods/openinviter/content.php from var url = oiURL + 'openinviter'/content.php; to var url = oiURL + 'openinviter'; as .php was giving 404 error with my nginx configuration (was not going through redirect). I think above thing will work in any case.
    3. Some weird 'unterminated string literal' error was coming under Firefox, Windows OS. Changed $('#oi_messages').append('<div style=  in /views/default/oi/js.php to $('#oi_messages').append('<div' + ' style=. Similarly for 'prepend' later in file. Dont understand why it didnt work earlier.
    Wanted to ask, is it in OpenInviter's TOS that their logo needs to be displayed? Getting personal contacts is such a sensitive issue, I am quite sure no one will do it if they see another company's logo.
    @all : My 2 cents -  Openinviter IS under GPL2. For privacy issues in config.php turn off remotedebug, stats, update_files. I checked using an HTTP analyser, it is not connecting to OpenInvite server while getting contacts...Unless you ask it to. Check out for more tweeking and privacy protection.



  • There is an error with the method you selected. Please select a different one.

    Got the error while choosing : "Friends from other email and social networking site"

    Already put the user and API Key in the setting.

  • Does anyone know how to fix this please?  I have a que of invites to send, from the Admin menu I went to the "list Invitations" and pressed "send" but got the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method ElggObject::send() in /home/bluegym/public_html/mod/omni_inviter/actions/send.php on line 32

    Line 32 etc is as follows:

    if ($invite->send()) {
    } else {

    Does anyone know how to fix this please?

  • @mark bridges - if you comment those lines does it send?

    @elHayaze get this resolved?

    @chaggs - great work will be incorporating those changes into the next version.

  • I tried your plugin @bman, but it throws me :yahoo.plg not found.

    I tried to fix as @chaggs said, but didn't work. It went with another error.

    Please release a new version! :) its a great script and thanks for the fixes!

  • weird error... no message... :-(

    I installed this plugin and set up open inviter (followed readme).. the plugin is enabled and works fine for inviting people by e-mail, but when I go to invite people from social sites I enter my username / password click "get contacts" it displays the little elgg loading animation for a couple seconds then that goes away and nothing happens... no error message.. just a blank white area where the form used to be... I tried twitter, vimeo, and facebook with the same results...

    any ideas? or any idea how I can get atleast an error message to get started with?


  • disregard... I didn't have php errors showing I added


    ini_set('display_errors', '1');

    to the top of methods/openinviter/content.php  and it showed the error message "Fatal error: Class 'twitter.plg' not found in/mod/omni_inviter/methods/openinviter/openinviter_class.php on line 65"

    I used @chaggs fix, but for some weird reason strstr was returning null.. I didn't really have time to figure out why so I used the following code instead (maybe it will help someone):


    $plugin_class = explode(".",$plugin_name);

    if (!class_exists($plugin_class[0])) include_once($this->openinviter_root . "/plugins/{$plugin_name}.php");

    $this->plugin=new $plugin_class[0]();


    This is lines 64-66 of methods/openinviter/openinviter_class.php ... as @chaggs pointed out this is an issue with openinviter where they renamed the class names from twitter.plg, gmail.plg, yahoo.plg to just twitter, gmail, yahoo... etc in the latest version

  • does anyone knows how to fix this error?

    Fatal error: Class 'openinviter_base' not found in /home/msn5/public_html/m5/mod/omni_inviter/methods/openinviter/vendor/OpenInviter/plugins/facebook.plg.php on line 24

    trying to resend an invitation

  • I gues no one read this blog, is bman still in this planet? please we need your help.

    I like this plugin but my biggest problem is how to fix the above error.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    Thanks guys.

  • Perhaps you can use my plugin. It´s simpler than Omni Inviter, but works with latest version of openinviter and I can guarantee updates when necessary.



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