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by bman
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Just fixed a couple of token errors and bugs, use this just as you did previous versions and remember to Thank Brett :)

Omni Inviter v1.0b3

Brett Profitt


Omni Inviter creates and sends custom invitations to friends.  It is easily

extendible with plugins.  Default plugins include:


* Friends -- Invite friends with email address.  After registration,

 the inviter and the invited users are marked as each others' friends.


* Secret -- Invite friends with email addresses secretly.  This method

 requires the invited user to sign up before it will reveal who 

 sent the invitation.


* -- Invite friends from other social networks and 

 email accounts.  This uses OpenInviter <;

 technology to log in to 3rd party websites and send mass

 invitations.  *See note below.


Once installed, activated, and configured, you will find the link to 

invite users on the left side of the friends list page.  You can also

go directly to it at


You can also enable a widget that allows users to show off how many

members they've invited.  This widget only counts the number of invited,

active, validated users!


OpenInviter ( is a set of utilities that allows PHP
applications to access 3rd party email and social networking sites to download
lists of users and to send emails or notifications to these users.  In order
to use this software, you must first register at their website and receive
a unique identification name and key.  Please carefully review the OpenInviter
terms of service and privacy policies--Not all services are free and some 
data is retained.

OpenInviter is not free software.  It not released under the GPL, nor any 
other recognized license.  Therefore, the use of OpenInviter is 
unsupported by me and I make no guarantee it will work.  I do not develop, 
maintain, or provide support for the OpenInviter software--I simply 
developed a plugin for Elgg that can optionally use the OpenInviter 
libraries.  The methods used by OpenInviter are fragile and break easily
when websites update.  Because of this, OpenInviter requires frequent 
monitoring, updating, and significant effort in maintaining.


  • Category: Third Party integrations
  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 1970-1-1
  • Downloads: 1225
  • Recommendations: 4

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