Release Notes

  • Better integration with the river_comments module.
  • I have separated the button of the like action, as facebook does.

I also recommend the update of the last river_comment plugin (if you use it)


  • It works mostly for me BUT the lightbox does not work, it displays the full website :S

  • Have tried many things but still can't see the blog view anywhere. Does anybody have an idea how to get this view?

  • It need to have more than 3 people liking the same object, but the log view is buggy for me, it displays the full site in it...

  • Hi Pedro,

    thanks for realy nice pice of code. But IMHO it's behave bit strange when you have "dislike" funcionality enabled. You can like and dislike a thing at the same time...

  • Thanks for such a nice plugin , but it has a big security error as trajan mentioned . When i click on like button , it works but when i clicked on other pages of that page i automaticaly logged in as other user which is not even familiar with my pc. when i disable the ajex function then it works great again .



  • Can a member also vote some other member's profile with this plugin? Can I like or dislike a member? Or, is there anyother plugin for this job?

    Thanks bros..

  • Pedro, just tried this plugin and was looking forward to using it (especially with it having both a "Like" AND "Dislike" feature) but nothing shows up on the front-end of the site.  I've set all 3 options to "Yes", but there are no extra functions added to the wire post I'd previously submitted, nor were any added to the one I just submitted in case it only impacted on posts made after activation.  Any ideas on how to rectify this?  I'm using v1.7.7 and Alan's modified 666 theme (originally used the oxfordblue theme and no changes were made on that either)...

    Thanks in advance,


  • estaria bueno por favor que le agreguen notificaciones 

    would be good to have a notification system and q is also a silent plugin

  • hey im new here, i just want to know that if its possible that the higest photo likes will display in the widget? please help i need it so much.

  • (1) How do I enable this in profile page? I want to somehow do a rating of users. The Rating nor the rate_entities plugin is limited and doesn't show the actual number.

    (2)Also, how can I  enable the comment in user's profile?


    Thanks in advance.

  • very nice this plugin .... great ... I use version 1.7.9 without problem. I did the translation into Portuguese ...

  • Hai... i use this Plugin its work fine...

    But  i want to know...

    If a user like one post..can i remove dislike button for that post to the same user...

    similary If a user dislike one post..can i remove like button for that post to the same user...

  • I add echo elgg_view('input/like', array('entity' => $vars['entity'])); to objects and nothing happens.

  • If you want to add this to individual pages, you can extend those views with things like this, which can go a start.php file either in the original likes plugin or somewhere else:

    elgg_extend_view('object/blog', 'likes/item_action', 600);
    elgg_extend_view('object/page', 'likes/item_action', 600);
    elgg_extend_view('object/file', 'likes/item_action', 600);
    elgg_extend_view('object/bookmarks', 'likes/item_action', 600);
    elgg_extend_view('object/tidypics', 'likes/item_action', 600);

    This will put a little "like" link at the bottom of the object page.

    But you will discover a weird problem. You can like an item in the river separately and the item itself. The reason is because when you like something from the object page, the annotation name is just "like" and then it is linked to the object id. But if you like something from the river, it adds the river id to the annotation name, and therefore a new name is a new annotation. So.... if you want to do this, you need to remove the blocks in the files annotate.php and element.php that look like this:

    //If the view is called from the riverdahsboar then we make a special annotation
        if ($item) {
            $annotation_name .= "_{$item->id}";

  • Not compatible with Elgg anymore (tested with v1.8.4)... Depricated functions.

    The good thing about this plugin was that you could get some idea about who "liked" the thing.

    Now the default 'Likes' plugin which comes with Elgg 1.8.x already does the same stuff albeit with a different look which can probably be altered via a theme.


  • I am using 1.8.8 elgg its not working can some please help it says..

    Deprecated in 1.7: extend_view() was deprecated by elgg_extend_view()!

    I want to have dislike button on my site

  • @ ed

    I tried what you suggested, It worked but then it wouldnt display who or how many people liked the object. Does anyone else know how to add likes to objects?

  • Dear Friends, I wanna know this plugin works on Elgg 1.8.19 or not?

    I am using Elgg 1.8.19 with default theme. Please let me know :)

    This is really lovely plugin...

  • This line doesn't  get any value, please tell how to pass parameter to this elgg_get_annotations.

    '$likes_no_by_user = elgg_get_annotations($object->getGUID(), "", "", 'like', '', elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid());'

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