Release Notes

** TODO **     

Milestone: Likes v0.4 (05/28/10)         

  • Add comments support (like facebook).
  • Add notifications for comment feature.

Milestone: Likes v0.5 (06/02/10)         

  • Make an statistics page (view) to know what are the elements that people likes more (Trajan's idea)     

Milestone: Likes v0.6 (06/02/10)       

  • do better the logical of the plugin (citella's idea)                        

** CHANGES **   


  • Make the actions to be executed with AJAX.   
  • Show all the users that took a vote.   
  • Show with a lightbox all the users that liked an object.   


  • Added the option that automaticaly adds all the functionalities to the rivers.   
  • Added the functionality dislike, this has been rewritten (thanks bman!)   
  • Allows that all the elements can be effected with a "like" action, comments, creations or updates.       


  • Initial release
  • Me gusta tu ins hasta la fecha,, será bueno que usted consigue para el próximo proyecto

  • Good work Pedro.

    Very, very well.

    But we are waiting final version. :-)



  • thanks pedro.. Gr8 job..

    :) give Us the final version soon


    keep up d gr8 work

  • @Pedro

    Nice plugin.

    Will the comment system also be applicable to folder and individual photos (tidypics), blogs, videos, bookmarks, etc. or is it just a RIVER only comment system?

  • I like this. Waiting for the final release as well. Im using elgg 1.7.1.

    Im tempted to use this as it is right now.

  • keep up the great work!

  • hi pedro...great plugin first of bug/observation....if i do a like/dislike on a activity by a user on the profile page, its working fine but if i go to "Activity" page and choose "All" tab and click on like or dislike activity of a particular member, there is a swap in the session user and we are getting into the other user's session i.e i am logged in as the other user now.Should be something related to reloading the session on submit of like or dislike, but a very high security breach ....


  • I have a question, I like the action will run fine with ajax in riverdashboard, but activity does not run widget with Ajax.

    as can be modified to also run with the widget ajax activity.

  • Strange results on a 1.6.1

    • Ajax update doesn't work even after resaving settings in admin.
    • plugin conflict with language_selector
      with likes placed below l_s language flags no longer appear in header
    • plugin conflict with flyers
      flyer doubles length as if two flyers, but second one has no content in.
    Keep up the good work Pedro, this plugin has the fastest growing recommendations I've seen!!!
  • Hello All,

    @kameshsai this is very strange, I tryed all you said but I could not reply that error, what elgg version are you using?

    @maikol this would be good, I will add the ticket.

    @Trajan I will check it and also add the tickets to test it.

    About the next steps, I will be creating a new plugin for the comments so the likes plugin keeps in the line with its features.

    The comments plugin will have the following features:
    Comments related to the objects:
        This is, those are the same comments as if we enter to the object view.
        Objects (This will be executed just in the object's creation)
            -When a the wire is created.
            -When a page is created.
            -When a discussion is created (the groups )

    Comments related to the river (something that is happening at the moment)
        Those are comments that reflects the specific river.
        This is:
            -When a friendship is created.
            -When a profile image is updated.
    The comments will not appear in:
        -The comments itself.
        -On the bookmars (this shows not content, then comment it does not make any sense).
        -On the message board (same as bookmarks).
        -File (same as bookmarks).

        This module should allow to notify an user (or the users) that has commented an object or a river. This will be set inside the settings.

    I hope you like this. If you do, please feel free to recommend this plugin, thanks.
    We keep in contact.


  • @kewlworx I do not understand what you mean, did you try to download and install the last version of the plugin?

  • @kewlworx ok but I still do not understand what is the problem. Did you click the save button into the settings page of the plugin?


  • Hi pedro,

     I am using elgg 1.7.1.

    i can share the screen shots.

    Login as one user.

    Go to activity by choosing from tools dropdown.

    click on like or dislike of any of the activity in "ALL" tab.

    Then click on the profile icon on elgg top bar.You will be logged in as one of the user who were part of the activity u like.

    Let me knw if u want screenshots.

    I am using custom white theme.


  • @kameshsai what version of the "like plugin" do you have? I cant get the same error, maybe you get this error with other plugin activated,

    somebody get this error too?

  • am using 0.3 version.Let me disable my custom theme and try with default elgg once.

  • i am getting the same problem even default theme.As soon as I like or dislike some activity in Activity page, its swapping sessions and i am logged in as other.

    This is happening on riverdashboard.

  • @kewlworkx - read the plugin info carefully. This will help you:

    There is a easy way to put it in another views just take a look to the INSTRUCTIONS.txt file.

    Enabling this plugin will not automatically place the likes/dislikes into views. You have to actually do that yourself by editing the correct files in each plugin that you want this to appear in. Only the river is done automatically.

  • @Pedro - as to the plugin conflict with language_selector and flyer when using likes0.3 I still have the problem. So I decided to downgrade to 0.2 which didn't suffer from this problem. Unfortunately the plugin conflict is still happening.

    Any ideas why that might be happening?

    After installing 0.3 I did "like" an object before disabling the plugin and later deleting it from my mod folder. Could this have caused the problem perhaps?

  • Adds a dash of interactive fun - many thanks.

  • milestones seem to have passed by, is there any help we can offer to keep this plugin moving Pedro?

  • if you need help just drop me a line :-) i have one developer free at the moment

  • hey pedro thanks for this nice plugin

    when are you going to release the final version of your plugin. the milestone  of Likesv0.6 was week back.

  • Hello all,
    The plugin is finally finished, I will post it tomorrow because I would like to test it more. But you can test the plugin in our elgg demo site:
    Let me know your comments (also of the demo site).
    I will be waiting for your replies to know if there is some bug.

    Regards and thanks to all

  • demo site under construction. Look forward to testing it soon.

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