Easy Talk Plugin version 1.5 for ELGG vversion 1.1

Release Notes

optimal version 1.1 recommended

  • Nice plugin. You might think about putting the css2.php into English. Not everyone understands German :-)

    Overall very good addition. Light and easy.

  • I forgot to ask. Is there a file to edit the layout of the chat popup window? 

    The currently chatting with users on the left could look nice as tabs above the chat. Could save some space so not such a big window is needed. 

  • can edit it look css.php, css2.php and talkfenster.js

  • @ Trajan .. nicht auf Ilja allzu hart pushen - Er spricht kein Englisch !

  • maybe I can help. @Trajan easy talk was made with skype in mind. But not as chat. The idea for tabs is good for instant messaging I think.

    What did you mean with putting css2.php into english? it`s css file...

  • Is there any kind of notification of a message received?  I couldn't find any.

  • i would like to try out the plugin on your site but it's in a foreign language @_@

  • Hi Mike, will be notified about a message sent to your email address. message itself can be found on users left. all messages in conversation she and her partner they see user

  • Hi Cim, it is very helpful use of http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en
    as translate any web page, text

  • @Anatoly check please if all files are correct uploaded. Easy Talk works for me.

  • Sorry, maybe I've missed something. Why is this any better than the existing message system within elgg? I thought this was an instant message system but it's just another mail option. The user receives a message from you and it shows beside the link button.

    Also, doesn't work in IE.


  • @Luke Tested this plugin in different versions of IE also safari firefox opera. It work. :) It is simple different.

    The difference is: you have a "history" of your messages.

    If you don't see a difference or advantage for you. We do not force you to use this plugin. At first you should ask your users if they like this. :)


    best regards

  • Hello Luke,

    whether EasyTalk better news as existing system or not is decided each community operator chases alone.

    Currently EasyTalk no instant messaging system, but a news system which optimizes the message history.

    The messages are written after the time and according to the user.

    Once they click on an existing partner message the messages appear over time and only for two terms message partner from time when a message was sent.

    Of course, at the top of user list always displays a user who has sent a message last.

  • I was sceptical about this plugin so I gave it a shot and I now realise what you mean - rather than have a bunch of partial conversations littered all over the server this plugin gives users the opportunity to keep track of all their conversations and add to existing ones rather than start new ones.  It's a nice idea, although I do wish it wouldn't take the "Subject" field hostage and allow users to define a custom one.

    Also, a rather more serious issue - I've noticed that the e-mail notifications sent for messages sent by this plugin are sent from the server's address rather than the one I've defined for the site (the original messaging system for elgg uses my sites address every time), which contains my cPanel username!  This just isn't on - is there a way to change this behaviour?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Ilja's PlugIn is pretty good stuff..

    re: the email issue - most likely relates to using a cheap hosting who will not let you customize the "sender" on outward emails.

  • Ahem - I did say that the default messaging system uses the e-mail address I defined when setting up the site, which is the e-mail address I'd prefer this plugin to also use.  All other web platforms/apps I've used also have no problem using the address that my host allows me to enter as the sites default/outgoing mail address, only this plugin causes this issue.

    Also, I've had no problem in the past defining an unlimited number of outgoing/incoming pop3/IMAP addresses and have used things such as php mail with no issues - therefore I can't blame my host for this one...  ;-p

  • you most likely need to look at the code starting near "//emailbenachrichtigung " in index.php

  •  @LJager I translated to Ilja your sugestions. We look what he say. I know he is at the time very busy maybe he implement your suggestion.

  • Hello LJager

    2) I will look for my cPanel username. in few days. 1) Of course, programmers special requests, but not for free.

  • Hello DhrupDeScoop

    It is always a solution, the question is whether people want to accept it ..


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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