Easy Talk Plugin version 1.5 for ELGG v1.3

Release Notes

important! manual editing of email content before it goes off.

  • Thanks for keeping me up to speed with this :-)

    Still a couple of slight issues though - the "topic:recieved" field (first line of the edit content block), which I assume represents the e-mail subject, doesn't seem to initialise as the URL is still being displayed.  However, it seems the "message:urlhomename" also effects the e-mail subject as after changing it to the website title the e-mail subject was also changed.  The problem with this is that this entry is displayed both in the subject field and in the body of the e-mail as part the "This e-mail is a notification from" line, so it really restricts the contents of the subject field to either the webste title or URL.

    I also tried replacing the e-mail address within the "message:talkaktuseremailadmin" field with the site title to see if it would change the "from" field of the e-mail from the address to the title of the site, but - as you'd expect - no notification was sent on that ocassion.  It may purely be a case of finding a way to trigger the "topic:recieved" field, but at the moment it just isn't happening.

    Just a side-note: it would be nice if the e-mail content was a little more formatted, for example have each entry on a separate line/paragraph rather than jumbled up the way it is now.  Also would be good if the required content under the "edit" part of the language files was inputable via the plugin settings section so that they wouldn't need to be re-entered after an upgrade.  Just a thought.  Apologies if I seem a little demanding, I do appreciate what you're putting into this plugin, but I now see how much potential it has so I'mstarting to get enthusiastic about it myself  :-)

  • we get it baked, I look to the


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