Easy Talk Plugin version 1.5 for ELGG v1.2

  • Thanks for the PM ilja, appreciate the heads up  :-)

    Unfortunately it seems now e-mails are being sent from the main admin account of my domain, rather than the address I set up specifically for the websites subdomain.  Is there a way to correct this?

    For example, my domain is http://www.theweare.net, and the website in question is under subdomain http://insomniacs.theweare.net, so I'd set up the account insomniacs@theweare.net and defined it as the main account for the website, but the message notifications are being sent from admin@theweare.net.

    Also, the subject field of the e-mail now shows only the website address "insomniacs.theweare.net".

    I had a look inside the index.php file and can see the following code:

    $emailurl = $vars['url'];
    $emailusername = $_GET['btalkcode'];
    $urlhomename = $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'];

    $textm1 = elgg_echo("easy_talk:message:topic:recieved");
    $textm2 = elgg_echo("easy_talk:message:recieved:hello");
    $textm3 = elgg_echo("easy_talk:message:body1");
    $textm4 = elgg_echo("easy_talk:message:body2");
    $textm5 = elgg_echo("easy_talk:message:body3");
    $textm6 = elgg_echo("easy_talk:message:body4");

    $empfaenger = "$talkaktuseremailempfaenger";
    $betreff = "$urlhomename";
    $text = "$textm2 $emailusername
    $textm3 -> $talkaktusername $textm4

    $textm5 $urlhomename $textm6";

    $header = "From: $talkaktuseremailadmin" . "\r\n" .
    "Reply-To: $talkaktuseremailempfaenger" . "\r\n" .
    "X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion();

    mail($empfaenger, $betreff, $text, $header);

    Is there a way to reconfigure this to use only the website's main e-mail address and maybe add some additional calls within the header line to enhance both the "From" and "Subject" fields (so that the "From" field shows the website title and the subject field announces the message, and maybe even who the message is from)?

    Thanks again dude,



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