ElggChat - fixed for 1.7 v1.0.0.2

Release Notes

*Added ability to recognize URL in the message and trasform it into a link to external page.*Added ability to each user to choose if show or now offline user.

  • i have this plugin working fine in 1.7.5..

    i apparently didn't even need to apply iionly's logic change to stop the error messages in the log..

    not sure why.

    no sounds.. and no flashing.. and there is still the CSS issue with long text being improperly displayed.. (strange this hasn't been fixed?! its pretty obvious)

    but other than that it seems ok.

  • Nick did you post the updated plug or not?

  • updated elgg chat plugin?

    i didn't update it.. i'm using the one that is listed here, on this page from neo1975

  • @tunist:

    In the release announcement for Elgg 1.7.5 it says about bugfixes among other things:

    "Fixed PHP warnings about invalid foreaches in plugins.php"

    Maybe this fix just suppresses the warnings and makes the change in the elggchat code unnecessary. It are only warnings after all. It was just annoying that they filled the log.

    I've not tried elggchat again since a while after it crashed FF quite often when closing a chat session. A user also reported that it didn't work for him at all with IE8. Has anyone similar experiences? Or does the chat works without problems?

  • I am on 1.7.5 and already applied iionly's logic change to stop the error messages. But no luck. Sound works fine no flashing and no css problem found long text works very well . but before some time I faced that css issue with long text but after uninstalling and installing I resolve that issue.

    "Fixed PHP warnings about invalid foreaches in plugins.php" Has not fix any thing . I still geting that error after every minute.

  • so we all seem to be finding different results from apparently the same code!


    i haven't tested the site in IE8.. i can't easily until i put it online as i am using linux to develop with.

    possibly the differences are partially due to OSs and browser versions... i haven't tested fully across browsers yet, i've just been getting the whole site working on my development pc first.

    @ghumanz- strange that you are seeing that text in the error log.. i'm pretty sure that either upgrading to 1.7.5 or using this version of the plugin (or the combination of the two) resolved that here.

  • I just switched to Elggchat from bottom_bar because of promises of increased performance on my site.

    Results - disabling bottom_bar and running Elggchat has increased page load times significantly. Although I preferred some aspects of bb, the increased performance, now that it has been disabled, easily makes it a worthwhile trade.  As for the errors mentioned above, i'm using 1.7.4 and haven't run into any problems.

    Suggestion - since disabling bb, I noticed that the main function I was relying upon was the feature of notifications being displayed on the right side of the bar.  It would be great if something similar could be implemented in Elggchat. 

    Overall - great plugin and i'm very pleased, thanks.

  • @srvtime these problems are seen through firebug after login please check it and report again. It show that there is a loop which start after every 1or 2 seconds.

    there is no error logs on my site related to above problem. All these are seen in firebug which are not seen in any other chat.

  • anybody got this working for 1.7.6?

  • yes it is working on 1.7.6 but no sound and no flashing

  • yo lo uso en 1.7.6 y tengo sonido y flashing recuerda activarlo de la administración todas las opciones a si  

  • A website called, Sofamous, had their chat where you can either talk to everyone on the site, your friends, people following you, by country or ALL and it looked almost exactly like facebook chat.


    As well had a media player that would play as you surfed the site. on the other site just by pressing play..  this is their current version, it changed a bit bit I would love to see something similar 

    Chat Bar


  • I see friends on bottom bar by they dont popup when I click, that was what happened in prior releases.

    It runs so far in 1.7.4. but havent chatted yet with anyone.


  • muy lindo el chat lastima la velocidad es muy muy muy muy lento

  • with this chat, I can choose my state (online-offline)?

    con este chat,puedo elegir mi estado(online-offline)?

  • plugin works good but have online off line issue and its not counting onine friends but nothing that cant be fixed 

    good work

  • everything but the sound is working in 1.7.10. any idea of how to fix the sound?

  • How do I make the whole thing a bit bigger....or at least the text and avatar sizes? I find it is  a little small.

  • I have a strange problem, I have elgg chat installed on two diffrent servers running elgg 1.7.15.

    The first server (test Server) elggchat runs perfectley including friends online on the bottom right and chat box opens when chatting as it should do.

    On the secound server (live Site) I have the elgg 1.7.15 running but when logged in as a registered user the friends online box does not appear on bottom right (but shows for admin). I can invite friends for a chat and send instant messages but when they reply I cannot see the message unless I refresh the page first (but shows for admin). I tested on i.e7 and 8 and firefox 12.0 and it the same on both. ie loads with errors.

    I can see that no one else has mentioned installing elggchat on 1.7.15 but it's strange that it works perfectley on one site and not the other.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • The error in ie is as follows

    'friends.online' is null or not an object


    URI: http://xxxx.com/pg/profile/taner

  • I thought I'll just mention it here as I have now got elggchat working on 1.7.15.

    It turns out that I was looking for a problem that wasn't there!

    The two user accounts that were trying to chat with each other had not been made friends so thats why friends online was not displaying in the bottom right of the screen!

    Once they were made friends everything started to work properley tested and working accross internet explorer 7, firefox 12 and chrome 19.0.1084.56 m.

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