ElggChat - fixed for 1.7 v1.0.0.2

Release Notes

*Added ability to recognize URL in the message and trasform it into a link to external page.*Added ability to each user to choose if show or now offline user.

  • Sorry, but I can do nothig about slowly and interaction with other extensions

  • nice work on the offline user thing. it was annoying to show all offline users when you're admin lol

  • is the 24.9 MB error_log file in the views\default\elggchat directory a required file?? 

  • Have installed on a 1.7.1 site and chat bar appears ok, but online friends are not shown - always  says friends online 0 despite how many friends are online. Any pointers on where to start debugging why it is not picking up online friends?

  • @CoreEducation have you tried to add friend for both users ?

  • @Studio1031: Yes, taht file is not required... I will remote it from pakage.

  • @elHayaze - yes have done and add friend for both users, and double checked relationships - have also tried on site with multiple friended users - will dive into code and do some debgugging.

  • Hi, I think this'd be a terrific plugin, unfortunately I couldn't get it working. Is there a special procedure to follow or a known conflict with other plugin? I've got the bar at the bottom but nothing shows up. I'm using 1.7.1. Thanks! Can't wait to try out!

  • @Ha Le: No special procedure and I don't know about conflics, please write down your installed plugin, eventually a screenshot can help. Do you have some friends inside your elgg instalation? Today I will go in holyday, I hope to help you when I will came back.

  • A question:

    In my error log I get thousands of these (the chat is working):

    [23-Jun-2010 11:36:22] WARNING: 2010-06-23 11:36:22 (CEST): "krsort() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given" in file /xxxx/mod/elggchat/actions/poll.php (line 22)

    [23-Jun-2010 11:36:22] WARNING: 2010-06-23 11:36:22 (CEST): "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in file /xxx/mod/elggchat/actions/poll.php (line 25)

    Can anyone help me resolve ?



  • There is possibility of conect a chat client to this?

  • @knation:

    it seems the error messages regarding krsort() and the following foreach() occur if nobody else apart from you is online. Then the array $chat_sessions is empty.

    I believe you can fix this error if you include



    (---> original lines 22 to 68 go here)


    in /action/poll.php

  • Great plugin. Thanks Neo for the 1.7.1 port.

    Trying to make the status title blink in a tab when a new message is received and the tab is not on focus (i.e. I'm browsing in another tab). Anybody have any luck with this?


  • Hi ! i have the plugine be_tom installed, and i want the user made for tom was always on line and he make an autoreply , always the same thing, but i would like he answer at all requests from chat.

    Do you have an idea how to do for that ?

    What code need i make for it's work ?


  • Sorry, i made bad explain.

    I want he always answer the same thing, same words, at all requet people can requets from chat to him.

  • @ledjboby

    that needs custom coding :)

    ask Dhrup or Trajan about Racheal... "SHE" is the women you are looking for :)


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

    Do GooD :)

  • Chats have a delay of some seconds.... any idea about why these slow chat messages ?

  • Hi Neo1975, I know that you might be busy.. but im kind of new in this elgg thing, so i installed your elggchat plugin because a i have the elgg 1.7.1 release but it doesn't works, so i guess im doing something wrong because with the 1.6 release it works perfectly.. would you mind to explain how is it works??

    Thanks! I would appreciate your help


  • I've got some problems with it on Elgg 1.7.3. I thought I would add it to my site after finally upgrading from Elgg 1.6.2 to 1.7.3.

    Unfortunately, Firefox crashes constantly when elggchat is enabled. With IE8 it seems not possible to post messages at all. Has anyone else the same problems? Any idea how to fix it?

  • I just installed on 1.7.3 I don't see any problems . It is working fine . so far no issues identified .

    Chating window is coming left hand side . Is there any way I can bring it to right hand site . next to Chat friends list ( just like facebook)



  • I have been using this pluggin for a month or so and it works great. (ELGG 1.7.1) the only modification that I think is really necessary is some sort of 'blinking' notification that someone is trying to open up a chat conversation. 

    Great work!

  • Yes, not so important to exact copy facebook but let's be real, if we want a user friendly site, we must get closer to FB than away from it, at least on little issues like chat. People will learn new areas, but if you have some familiar feature you will get more users.

  • My real hectic problem is that i installed it on 1.7.1 the footer bar shows without showing the friends online tab, please this plugin is important, recode the script i appreciate your effort!

  • This doesn't work in Firefox or IE for 1.7.4.

    The bottom bar shows up but that's it. Even when multiple people are logged in, friend or not, it doesn't show anything but the bare bottom bar and the minimize bottom bar icon.

    Is there anyone who can point me to the reason for this?

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