Group Operators v1.2

Release Notes

Some bugfixes, and adds portuguese and basque translations.


  • going to test this later, looks really good, thanks!

  • Hello,

    can I make this plugin work for 1.6.1 ?


  • Should additional group operators be notified via email of group requests? I believe that currently only the group creator is emailed, and operators have to manually check the requests within the group itself.

  • Hi,

    how can I modifie the function elgg_add_action_tokens_to_url() to make the plugin works with elgg version 1.5 ?

  • Very nice! Precise what I have been looking for.

  • This is great. But is there anyway to have a feature where a member of the group can ask to be an admin of the group within the social network?

  • Dear Caedes,

    It seems that there is a bug. The simptoms are duplicated entries in te group operators management page http://localhost/thegroup_operators/manage/91.

    I found a double entry for the owner of the group. I think that there is an entry for the owner as operator and an additional entry as owner.

    Should we allow having the owner as operator?

    To correct the problem of the visualization, the solution is simple:

    function get_group_operators($group){
            if($group instanceof ElggGroup){
                    $operators = elgg_get_entities_from_relationship(
                            array('types'=>'user', 'limit'=>0, 'relationship_guid'=>$group->guid, 'relationship'=>'operator',                                                                                      'inverse_relationship'=>true));
                    $group_owner = get_entity($group->getOwnerGUID());

                    $operator_ids = array();
                    foreach($operators as $operator) {
                            $operator_ids[] = $operator->guid;

                    if(!in_array($group_owner->guid, $operator_ids)){
                            $operators[$group_owner->guid] = $group_owner;
                    return $operators;
            else {
                    return null;

    What do you think?

    Best regards and thank you,



Sibarite developer of chaos working on the lorea project


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