Plugin Manager v1.2

Release Notes

Plugin settings save reliably now.



    I wonder why no one else posted any good commentsbefore

    for this real time saving and needy plugin :(

  • Thanks jaxcatz!  Many positive comments have been posted on previous versions.  You're just the first one to post for this version :).

  • Very cool, and works perfectly. Wouldn't want to be without it now.

  • I had to delete the plugin, because saving didn't work.  No matter what plugins I enabled or disabled, the change didn't take on save.  I wish there were a fix for this, because the manager looks nice.

  • I'm sorry to hear that, lisa.

    One workaround for now is to disable it while you're entering plugin settings, then enable it when you want to rearrange plugins.

    However, I thought I had fixed this problem.  Did you get the latest version?

  • Super plugin:)  Now... an idea:

    Often we want to try a new plugin with only the ellg core plugins and after trying re-enable a set of plugins we are working on... but not all.

    So.. suppose we would add simple text-input line allowing a comma separated list of plugin-names? In a local text-pad we keep some lists with plugins we like to enable... cut and past... and click "enable these" ....and there they are, in that order too ;)

    @Evan: you thin worthwhile? If so, would we do it or can you extend yours with this one?

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