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Speeds up Elgg by minifying Javascript and CSS

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Each page in Elgg includes some core CSS and Javascript needed to make your site look and feel good to users.  However, these files can get pretty big pretty fast -- even without additional plugins they start off quite large (~70KB of CSS and ~25KB of Javascript).  However, a large portion of these files is whitespace, included only because that makes it easier for humans to read the code.  Minify removes this unnecessary whitespace from the core Elgg Javascript and CSS files before serving them to your users, saving ~25KB or more per page load (depending on what plugins you have enabled)!  This process is called "minification."  Check out the images on the left to see this in action.

Why install Minify?

Performance.  Minify will noticeably improve the page load time of practically every page on your Elgg-powered site.  Better performance means higher user satisfaction. 


How do I get Minify working on my Elgg-powered site?

Just drop it in your mod directory and enable it from the admin panel like any other plugin.  No special settings; no tricky customizations; no complicated build process.  Feel free to verify that it is working (and see the true impact for your site) by using an inspector like firebug.

Will Minify increase my server's CPU usage?

Not by any appreciable amount if you have Elgg's simplecache turned on.  This is because the minification will only have to happen one time.  Simplecache stores the crunched versions in static files on your server.  Therefore, subsequent requests for the js/css will pull the stored versions, and Minify will not have to execute again.  Let me put it this way -- it took you longer to read the question this explanation was written to address than it will take Minify to crunch your files for you.

Will Minify harm my source files?

Absolutely not.  Minify crunches your files in memory "on-the-fly" so the source files are left intact.


"This speed up my side, big thanks for your work, fantastic :)"

"Holy Crap!!! This makes a bunch of stuff run a lot quicker, feels like a I just completed a massive upgrade. Wicked!!!"

"Many thanks Evan... this works [like] a treat!"

Evan Winslow

Software Engineer at Google. Elgg enthusiast. I wrote the Javascript and CSS frameworks for 1.8.


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