Mass mailout plugin for Elgg / Send messages to all users [1.7.X - 2.X] v3.1

Release Notes

Use V < 3 for Elgg 1.7 series 

  • any idea why my fiveminute cron isn't triggering?
    this is the line i have in crontab:

    5 0 * * * $GET ${ELGG}cron/fiveminute/


    i have the other crons logged as being triggered repeatedly. 


  • Elgg listens to triggered crons by the server. if cron is not triggered, its a server issue. Some hosting providers wont allow short interval cron jobs.

  • This line is wrong. It would execute the fivemin cronjob at 0:05 only. How the cronjobs should get defined is shown in the example in documentation/examples/crontab.example. The fivemin job is defined as:

    */5 * * * * $GET ${ELGG}cron/fiveminute/

  • aye yes, thanks, i also found that here:

    the cron task has activated now and after 2 rounds, the messaging task shows as complete..

    i didn't receive a mail to my own inbox, is the admin included in the massmail?

  • ah i did receive a mail also, there was a 20 minute delay somewhere along the mail processing path.

  • Does this plugin install opt outs for the members in their accounts and in the emails sent?  If not it is no good for anyone in the EU or USA as it breaks unsolicited/spam mail legislation.

  • the other mail templates i have active for elgg include a link at the footer of the message to navigate back to the email notification settings panel.. it would be easy to add one of those links into these messages.. however, if the plugin code doesn't look for whether that setting has been set for each recipient, then that makes little difference..

    +1 for that enhancement here. :)

  • Thanks Team Webgalli for making this plugin available. Works fine on our university server with Elgg 1.8.13. However, I am wondering how to use the plugin in conjunction with Cash's PHP mailer plugin that overrides the standard elgg_send_email() to support smtp. My guess was to override the call to the mail function in start.php

    // override call to mail() with phpmailer
    phpmailer_send($from, $from, $to, $to, $subject, $message);
    //elgg_send_email($from, $to, $subject, $message);

    The above doesn't work for us. That is, no mass mails are sent. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  • @olihot : Sorry, we haven't checked it with php mailer.

  • Dear Team Webgalli, we are currently experiencing irregularities with the galliMassmail plugin that we would much appreciate your guidance on. We have a working fiveminute cron that triggers every five minutes as long as the galliMassmail plugin is deactivated. Here is the relevant line from the cron tab.

    # elgg plugin: galliMassmail
    */5 * * * *     root    /usr/bin/curl --insecure >/dev/null 2>&1

    When the galliMassmail plugin is activated, the cron doesn't trigger and launching it from the command line gives an error and throws exception #1386606178.

  • @oilht : Can you get in touch with us at info [at] webgalli [dot] com with your site details?

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  • Updated: 2016-8-22
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