Site Graph Stats v1.0

Release Notes

First release. Not really integrated with elgg ui but should be functional. Just a simple fork from the raphael demo really.

  • I dont understand how to view this on my site :S I activate the plugin, but i dont find the link to view the stats.

  • Are there any updates on this or are they comng soon? Especially with the menu functionality? What particular statistics are offered? Does it also have backlinks for traffic stats etc.

  • to add a link to your admin area menubar that will allow you to access this graph page, just replace the graphstats_init() procedure in the start.php file with:


    function graphstats_init() {


    if (get_context()=='admin') {

         add_submenu_item(elgg_echo("graphs"), $CONFIG->wwwroot . "/pg/graphstats" );



  • tunist: There is a problem with $CONFIG global var. You should declare it! ;-)

    function graphstats_init() {
        if ( ('admin' == get_context() ) && isadminloggedin()) {
            global $CONFIG;
            add_submenu_item(elgg_echo("graphs"), $CONFIG->wwwroot . "pg/graphstats/");

  • @Ander: i have yet to read the structure and syntax of PHP.. i'm just learning as i go..

    isn't it enough that the CONFIG variable is declared as a global variable in the previous function in the start.php file? i haven't seen any errors.


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