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Generates javascript graphs for a site to see object numbers across time

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1.71.0 (52.27 kB)2010-Apr-20
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Generates raphael graphs for some of the elgg entity types. For elgg 1.7

It allows to see object numbers since the site start, both in absolute and relative graphs (and any object type can be seen writing the url manually).

Technical details/Todo

  • For the moment the period of graphing is static to 1 week (each step in the graph is 1 week) and the range is the full site life. This should be changeable
  • The plugin is not really integrated with elgg ui.
  • The plugin doesn't add any link to the menu, you have to access pg/graphstats manually to see them.
  • Uses an internal jquery library, this should be changed to the elgg one.
  • Should have a dropdown with the entity types available.
  • The method used to make the graph may fail for sites with too much history, i'm interested to hear of such problems, for the moment it fails to make graphs for all entities on my sites, but can make the normal graphs for sites of up to 2 years history although not so much activity until recently.

You are welcome to participate by joining or forking our code repo, providing patches, documenting or translating.


Sibarite developer of chaos working on the lorea project


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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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