vazco_moderate (Group moderation) v1.0

Release Notes

First full release of this plugin

  • I do not see a update here as to what was added since the last time you posted this.

    Appears that the page is showing a update at 8 days ago and I see no change log.

  • I have 1.7 and have activated the mod. When i'm as a admin trying to accept,delete or make feature the group then the page goes white and link disappears. But on the refreshing the page the action is performed. so could u tell me where the problem is or i'missing something??

  • dwaipayan, please try downloading the newest release, it has a few bugfixes.


    It seems you had problem with your encoding.

  • Midknight wrote:

    That is exactly why I do not appreciate you in this community.  I posted a question yesterday and have been checking back every few hours to find out the answer.  I get back this morning and you have deleted my question.


    I am a paid customer of yours for more than one plugin but your support is horrid and you constantly post "non updated" plugins if someone creates a totally open and free version of anything you offer.  The goal is to have more open and free software for the community yet all you are concerned with is your own pocket.  

    Please stop posting your plugins just so they appear to the newest plugins when they in fact as not new and rarely updated, and due to your insistence to keep your sources closed, they are full of typos and simple bugs that arent even getting fixed and pushed to the community.  

    Numerous times I have requested more information from you just to be ignored or responded to with double speak as to the features I have "paid" for from you.  You are nothing but a leech on this community and you are in no way pushing it toward better software for anyone.  Seems your sole occupation is with making more money at the expense of this community.

    Since my comment asking "What has changed since the last time you posted this?" was deleted I will now make it my duty to let this community know the underhanded techniques you are using to silence any competition and any complainers.

    Fostering open solutions should be everyones responsibility here at, as it is what will make Elgg the platform that it wants to be.  I understand your desire to make money and I see that you are making alot of it, I also notice your policy about the plugin prices dropping with each person that pays for it, and during the time I have been a member of elggdev I have noticed in fact the opposite that you are raising prices, and definitely not adding features to the paid plugins, in fact at times you are making "sub-plugins" like vazco_topbar_extensions to get ppl that paid for a earlier version to have to buy more from you.  

    I'm sure that anything I expected with your plugins was a failure on my part for expecting the entire community to further available developments.  As this is what happens with all other platforms similar to this.  Here we have a issue of not being enough choices for users.  There isnt the competition to create the best plugins for Elgg, seems a small subsection of this community is determined to make all new developments tied to commercial plugins.  We are hurting for more and you constantly silence anything that appears.  

    Please the next time you see a new plugin posted that is freely available, we do not need to see your posts on that authors plugin stating once again "This functionality is offered by vazco_*".  We don't care, we want more choice, we want more options, we want more discussion, we want more totally free and distributable sources, we want innovation to continue, we as the users don't want this project and community controlled by business interests alone.  So although your code is nice and all good, but me as a developer and user, can't post any changes I have made to improve it, so the whole community doesn't get to benefit from better software.  Don't get me wrong you make some good code, but at what point does the community get to benefit?  I don't begrudge you making money either, but why is it that none of your code can be improved by anyone other than you, when you just improved someone elses FREE AND OPEN SOURCE software, namely Elgg.  Why is it that you intend to silence competition even if its not commercial competition?  Why don't you start making elgg better and as a result we have more users and more opportunities for you to fill in gaps and make money until the community can come up with free solutions?  Or even actually follow your own policy and let some of your past plugins that have made you plenty of money become freely available to the community? 

    I will repost this to discussions and to my own site as I'm sure you will delete this.  But until you answer me for one freaking time, i will not be silenced.


    btw this was the open version that you were looking to silence with reposting this plugin

  • Midknight, I'm not sure what you refer to. This plugin was uploaded first time 8 days ago and it's completely free, with a paid version accessible on Elggdev. I didn't delete your question, I simply uploaded a new version of this plugin. The plugin you posted a link to was posted on the same rules, though the paid version is two times more expensive. I didn't try to silence anyone, nor I ever posted a plugin without any update.


    If you want more choices and more plugins, please don't attack me for giving you such choices. You don't have to buy plugins written by me, nor you have to use the free versions. I moved this discussion to old version of the plugin, as it's not related to any plugin.

  • btw, this plugin was developed over a month ago. I decided to post it to the community a few days ago. I didn't use anyone's code in the process. We have over 30 plugins that were developed by us, but not posted to the community yet. We plan to release them at some point. (there are also more than 80 plugins which we won't ever release because of NDA's)


    We charge more for an hour of work than for the plugins which usually take a few days to develop. I assure you selling plugins on Elggdev is not a very proffitable business. If it was, we would have uploaded those 30 plugins to Elggdev long time ago. Elggdev gets proffit from developing the whole websites.

  • You just always seem to post the code when someone else makes anything similar.  You can spin this how you want but you know exactly what i am referring to.

    Since you want to explore your business, Lets look at a few of your plugins like for instance vazco_gmaps, how many copies have you sold and how much has it came down to in price? 

    Why do you not answer to the questions of code openness and responses to support inquiries.  Why is it that you are the only one with a complete platform to offer based on elgg and not the community itself.  When you say your code was written 100% by you, im sure your not referring to calls to elgg_* or anything else platform derivative like say using the views systems.

    Dude I was extremely interested in the things you worked on and yet i have spent 2x the time by buying yours and rewriting them because thats all you can do with software that isnt actively developed.

    I can't submit patches, or improve it (depends on who you listen to, you say i cant, but your license says i can)

    The main question is why keep posting your plugins when someone else posts something similar?  Is this site purely your advertising medium?  If so why not try Google Adwords or banner ads on your site.  Because I personally am tired of this being vazco's adboard.

    As you said you developed this a month ago (which is why i had seen it before) and yet no point in posting it to the community until someone offers similar software.  This is my huge point here.

    Oh and if you want to compare hourly rates, my time is just as valuable or more im sure.  But i will burn every hour of the day until this type of thing stops.  Otherwise i waste my time going through your same plugins over and over again everytime you decide competition exists on the new plugins page, which costs me just as much as if i were coding.


  • Midkniht, the vazco_gmap's free version was downloaded in total 11.000 times. This is how many users use it on their site. It took us about 200 workhours to get with the plugin where it is currently. Since the time it was developed 1 year ago, we sold 16 copies and installed 6 more for free on the sites that we develop. I guess this answers to your question why Elggdev is the only platform that offers low price plugins. It's not proffitable. Still, it's our way to contribute to the community.


    Of course you can send the patches to our team and we will include them in the future releases of the plugin if they're clean and good code. It happened a few times before - if client wants to add a feature and keep the plugin compatible with the future updates, they send their patches to us.



  • @Vazco - don't take this seriously, JFL.

    I think the problem is with your AVATAR.  LOL!

    You look like a shrewd hustler from the hood with that avatar.  It's like you are silently saying "I'mma get yo money wit my pluiginz boi and I will leave you hangin' if you be having trouble wit it, and if you wont pay me more dough for them fixes then i'm outta here'.

    Change your avatar, lose that thing in your mouth and stop with the eyebrow drama.

    LOL  :-D

  • @GMA you may be right. It's quite an old picture, I guess it's time for a new, more professional one.

  • Well then, I'm not sure midkniht was angered by my avatar, still, the hooded shrewd hustler is gone ;)

  • Michal:

    Najlepszym klientem jest ten, już masz! Traktować je dobrze. Straciłeś 2 dobre klientów przed - Wiem, że to dlatego, że skontaktował się ze mną na projekty.

  • @vazco - CLAP CLAP CLAP!  I think that is better.  Now you should give me free plugins. :-P

    @Dhruva - It's a miracle! :-D

  • haha

    we shall see what a difference it makes.

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