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A simple template for elgg

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Ok, this is my very first public template on Elgg platform.

This is a simple teplate for Elgg, designed for Elgg 1.6.1; but, can be made backward compatible by following the instructions here -


The topbar has been re-positioned like a regular navigation-bar in this template, with some extended options like 'Message board', one-click profile edit, change/remove profile-image, etc.


The custom_index page has been greatly inspired from a template by

Preferred support is given to those who have either donated $25 or keep the link to my site on

the footer.

This is my very first template, feedback and bug-reporting is welcomed.

Contact me for any customisation and/or donation, email me: contact[at]

How to install:

  1. Just the zip file, extract it. Within the folder, you will find two sub-folders. Upload 'simpleblue' folder to the 'mod' directory of your elgg installation; activate it from your administration-panel and your done!
  2. There was a small bug with the template about the widget picker. If you are using Elgg 1.6.1 please perform this step - go to elgg/views/default/js and copy the three files within to elgg/mod/simpleblue/views/default/js

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