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  • txtan, in case you don't know this already - the full version of vazco_gmap plugin has this functionality as well, loading content dynamically. Only content that is in the user's view range is loaded to lower traffic. Content can be formatted and displayed by entity type. It can be also searched by metatags in newest version.

  • Hi vazco, I am aware that your commercial extension for vazco_gmap does this and is more comprehensive in terms of functionality. However this plugin very simply does only one feature very well and that I think is useful to many people already using the free version of your software and just want an easy way to visualize their site entities without having to write a google maps wrapper every time.

  • i've just integrate this plugin with geolocation module (Pedro Prez) and trying to add new funcionalities like get entity in a radius, looking for events in a period and configure icons to identify differents entity on a map. if you want we can operate together. 

    thank you very much.

    @vazco: your plugin is wanderfull but, if you need to customize a lot a module is more simple start from very simple one.  and surely more cheap for little networks. 


  • pablotango, I will be delighted to work together adding extra functionality to the plugin. Contact me at my work email provided in the README file on your plans.

  • Can i visualize my groups location on one map with this plugin?

  • I had an IE7 error on this page that I resolved by changingcontent_map.js.  On line 56 (or around there) I removed the comma so it reads:

    if(panning == true && batch.length > 0)


    //set panning function if pan


    panInterval = setInterval("pan()",timer);





  • am i right in thinking this plugin allows us to store a location with each content item and then to display that on a map.. so you could view 'videos from/of africa' and 'blogs relating to china' etc?

    any equivalents for 1.8 yet?



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  • License: GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2
  • Updated: 2014-11-17
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