Editable Comments v1.0

Release Notes

First release.

  • A very useful plugin! I've already been asked by users if it couldn't be made possible to be able to edit comments - and if only to edit a single annoying spelling error. This plugin could fulfil this wish.

    I just see two little "problems" with this plugin on my test sites (Elgg 1.6.2 - yes it works - and Elgg 1.7.1):

    • The width of the editor area is too large, i.e. the right margin of tinymce overlaps the underlying frame when editing a comment.
    • The owner of an item (for example a picture, a video etc.) can edit (and delete!) not only own comments but all comments. An administrator can also edit/delete all comments, but that seems okay. Other users can only edit/delete own comments and this is also as it should be. But the owner should also not be able to edit/delete other comments including comments made by administrators.

    I guess the first issue could be solved by an own CSS file for the plugin. Is it also possible to solve the second problem?

  • The problem with the width of the tinymce area can be fixed by editing longedit.php in the views/default/input folder for the tinymce plugin. Ad " style='width:99%' " to the textarea tag towards the bottom of the file. Then, in this plugin, edit views/default/annotation/general_comment.php and take out the div and p tags around $test_textarea in the "$form_body" = statement.

    The second issue really isn't a problem in my opinion. The owner of a group/blog/page/etc is the admin for that group/blog/page and should be able to edit or censor comments as they see fit.

  • Unable to activate the plugin under Elgg 1.7.3

  • Do you already have a steady solution for the too large width of the editor area?

    I like the plugin by the way.

  • i can activate this on my site (1.7.7) - but no edit button/facility appears.

  • Same issue for me.  It's enabled but no changes to the comments on the front-end... :-/

    The plugin info claims:

    Warning: This plugin requires a later version of Elgg!

    I'm using 1.7.7 - with no intention of upgrading until I can be sure all current plugins will work with later versions - does this plugin require a specific build version?

  • I stand corrected, it seems to be working on blog, page & group comments but not on comments in the Activity feed/River Dashboard.  I've also noticed that the comment boxes on blogs etc is different from the Activity feed/River Dashboard so I'm assuming they rely on different files, which would mean this plugin only targets the blogs etc comment form - or is it supposed to work with the Activity/River Dashboard and just isn't?  :-/

  • A little input would be appreciated... **nudges caedes**  :-/

  • @Ljager I am using it on 1.7.8 without any problem please extract all files from zip file and upload editablecomments folder to mod directory and then enable plugin. after that movr this plugin to one step higher in order of plugin or run http//www.yoursite.com/upgrade.php and it will show delete and edit option under every comment.

    If you want to check it on live site check it on http://www.royalloops.com/


Sibarite developer of chaos working on the lorea project


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